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Title: Updates on weekdays?
Post by: JonLeung on April 25, 2013, 07:18:10 AM
I probably should have mentioned this earlier:

-I am out of town this weekend including Friday, so don't expect an update during this time (April 26-28).
-I will be busy the Saturday after that, so there might not be an update that day (May 4).

As you might have noticed, I updated this week on Monday and Wednesday as the submissions came in.  I will try to do weekday updates next week as well to avoid falling behind, so it really shouldn't be a big deal.  (Though like I said, I still should have mentioned this earlier, as I know a few of you guys like to send in submissions on Thursdays/Fridays, and now if there are any of these they won't be up until at least Monday.)

I know there are some people that have gotten used to the fact that I update weekly.  But in some ways I think I should reclaim my weekend for other purposes/duties/obligations - or just plain relaxing which I have done so little of lately.  So I wonder if I should consider making weekday (or "whenever-possible") updates a more common thing, as long as some people don't get too used to the fact that I may then often put up maps the same day I get them, especially if they start panicking if/when it does take more than a day.

Well, that wouldn't surprise me, actually.  I've been questioned about my updating schedule more than once recently - even though not by regulars - either merely friendly inquiries (even if it is a bit jarring when the Saturday isn't over, kind of thing) or rude accusations of "only updating whenever I have time", as if this is supposed to be my primary job, even though I have been fairly consistent, even if I fluctuate by a few hours.  Well, excuse me!

I won't apologize for having other things to do besides  The fact is, I do. is still priority enough for me, so I still do it, but I should be allowed to do other things of importance on occasion without hassle.

Title: Re: Updates on weekdays?
Post by: JonLeung on April 29, 2013, 08:02:08 AM
Might not be tonight, either.  And I still have to decide on the Maps Of The Month, too.

Title: Re: Updates on weekdays?
Post by: TerraEsperZ on April 29, 2013, 01:40:38 PM
Considering how long you've maintained the site, you've certainly deserved to update whenever you feel like it. *But* just to make sure, if I were you, I'd make a news post on the front page of the site mentioning the change in update frequency. No doubt some people won't be happy about it but they won't have the excuse of not being aware of it.

I also hope you do whatever is necessary in order to not get sick of taking care of VGMaps. If that means taking a few weeks off the site completely every once in a while to clear your head or just do something more useful and/fun, then so be it :).

Title: Re: Updates on weekdays?
Post by: JonLeung on May 02, 2013, 08:10:42 AM
I'm about halfway done with the backlog I have, so I should probably be caught up tonight or Friday.  There will probably be more submissions, but I'm doing what I can, and I don't see why anything new couldn't be put up Sunday or Monday and then we'll be caught up again.

Just to clarify: when I said "whenever-possible", that will usually work in favour of submissions getting up earlier.  As in, I might as well put up what I've received so far when I have a free weekday, as opposed to waiting for the weekend to do the whole week's worth.

I imagine that doing a whole week's worth all at once might seem like it should be quicker, but consider that there's fatigue in longer sessions, not to mention better utilizing the smaller packets of time during the weekdays, thus freeing up larger blocks of time on the weekend.  So then in these ways, it's more efficient.

Now this past weekend I was out of town, this Saturday I'm busy, but these are exceptions rather than the rule, so most weekends I would still be free to put up maps, but if I've already put up your maps during the week, then everybody's happy.  So if I can manage weekday updates moving forward, it should be a win-win, so don't take my wish to relax on the weekend as a "screw you guys" because that totally isn't what I meant, since I would still want all submissions up before I really can relax.  Not that putting up maps is really that stressful either, but like anything, it takes up time.

So let's not twist my words out of context: "whenever-possible" is a good thing.  (Though really, how can anyone do anything when it's not possible?)

Title: Re: Updates on weekdays?
Post by: JonLeung on May 04, 2013, 01:21:40 PM
There, I think I'm caught up now, even though I doubted if I would be able to update today.  :)