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Title: Code Bank
Post by: Trop on May 29, 2014, 09:55:24 PM
Codes for mapping.  Need a code?  Got a code?  Post or request them here.
For posting codes start your post with the Game's Name and System in bold then the type of code, such as Code Breaker, Game Genie, etc, and other details under it.
For requests start your post with "Request" in bold then the details and replace the post later with "Filled" once it has been.
You can also post things like Lua scripts, special code patches, or similar hacking to make mapping easier.
I'll start with some examples:

Title: Re: Code Bank
Post by: Trop on May 29, 2014, 09:55:42 PM
Lodoss Tou Senki (Record of Lodoss War)


Kill enemy in the back middle row in one hit

Kill enemy in the back right row in one hit

Kill enemy in the back left row in one hit

Title: Re: Code Bank
Post by: Trop on May 29, 2014, 09:56:21 PM
Request: Cyber Knight

Walk through walls code

Title: Re: Code Bank
Post by: TerraEsperZ on May 30, 2014, 05:07:56 AM
Please also include the system the game is for and the type of code if any (Code Breaker, Game Genie, etc). Also, for emulators that support Lua scripts, do share any interesting script you might have come up with. I should have a few to share later today.

Title: Re: Code Bank
Post by: Trop on May 30, 2014, 08:40:07 AM
Oops, I'll add all that.

Title: Re: Code Bank
Post by: KungFuFurby on May 30, 2014, 09:42:12 AM
These codes are Pro Action Replay codes.

Ardy Lightfoot (SNES)
Level Modifier
00-04, 06-09, 0B-0E, 15-19 are all working levels using this code.
12 is the password screen.
13 is the Game Over screen.
14 is the password screen already set up.
1A is the title screen.
1B-1C, 21-24, 27-28, 2B work OK. They are quick cutscene sequences. The catch is that they're not meant to loop.
1F, 26, 33 partially works... it's another cutscene. However, the graphics are a bit glitched in at least one section.
20 is the opening.
29-2A accidentally lets the camera follow the main character, although it's a functional cutscene otherwise.
I don't think anything above 37 works at all.
Any value I did not mention should not be tried, mainly because of graphical glitches.

Congo the Movie - Secret of Zinj (SNES)
Level Modifier
Safe-cracking is required. That means only certain values will work, and they don't really follow a consistent pattern. Here are the valid values (left byte goes into D158D1xx, right byte goes into D158D2xx):
96 A6
38 A7
5F A8
D9 A8
59 A9
D3 A9
77 AB
17 AD
39 AE
3D B0
D9 B0
61 B1
E9 B1
C4 B2
C5 B3
4F B4
D9 B4
Select Start from the menu. The level you select will substitute the first shooting stage, and actually allows you to start later in the game than usual.
There might be graphical glitches because the graphics aren't properly loaded.

Title: Re: Code Bank
Post by: TerraEsperZ on May 30, 2014, 03:25:12 PM
This is a Lua script for VBA-ReRecording.

Changing background color to purple (almost all games)

while true do
  memory.writeword(0x05000000, 0x7C1F) --Palette

If you have trouble separating layers because the "empty" color is one that's also used in the game's graphics, this script will instead replace it with purple (you can change the color yourself if you're knowledgeable about how the GBA stores color values in hexadecimal). This will work for all games except for those that alter the background color mid-frame since the script only changes it once per frame and even then, using the Next Frame command will usually show the purple color one frame out of two.

Do note that since this essentially changes the value of the first entry on the background color palette, if the back-most layer uses this color for its graphics, it will look wrong. To capture it properly, simply stop the script.

Title: Re: Code Bank
Post by: on May 31, 2014, 10:45:32 AM
Narc (NES)
(codes made specifically for VirtuaNES emulator)

P1 is invisible (infinite invincibility frames)

Places P1 at the top of the screen (in the menu, above the actual map)

Enemies stay at the top of the screen