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Title: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 02, 2014, 06:01:42 PM
I've started this game's maps but it will be a while before I finish I assume. Not sure how long the game is. It's pretty cool game. It's too bad we never got it over in the states or outside Japan.

The first two town maps and area are done. I can add to those once I open up some other areas of the game as there is no current access yet. I'm still working on the layout but I just might have it.

Map 1 - Isis City

Map 2 - Vesta 1 AND 2 Mining Asteroids (complete..)

Map 2 - Fiber City

Map 3 (Land 1 Outside - Finished)

I've mapped out all I can for the Outside until I gain access to a new mobile device. So I'll be playing for a bit. The enemies in each area are also available. The idea is to get as close to an FAQ/Map as I can and keep it at a quick reference and not stray too far away from the original concept of the Map idea.

I'll update some. Let me know your thoughts. Gotta get back to the game.. Very fun! =D

Updated Land1 Overhead map and Vesta Maps

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 07, 2014, 04:47:48 PM
I've updated some things. I've 10 sets of maps done now. The existing maps should be updated.

Some early areas of the game can't be accessed yet until the right time into the game since you have to backtrack some to open up any new stuff. Doesn't seem like too much though.

Here are a few more maps. I've completed about 7 new areas and more of the overworld Land1 maps. As far as maps go other than the outside world, it's really hard to get lost since the areas aren't really that big and you can see most of the areas on screen but I'm sure that will change as it appears to be doing now at my current location.

Map 4 - Iron City

Map 5 - Elec City - one of my nicer compiled maps

Map 6 - Front Line Tunnel back to Iron City since the road had a cave-in after the power got turned back on!

Map 7 - Iron Refinery

Map 8 - Robotics Plant

Map 9 - Front Line tunnel to to Ceram City

Map 10 - Ceram City (this is where the game breaks out and gives you multiple directions to take using the shuttles now back in the resistances control!

Most of them are complete unless I make slight changes to them or the game needs me to return perhaps opening up a new area.

I know this is a Map project but I've also been compiling a Monster chart all by itself and some other little things that would be a nice FAQ for. This game isn't over at Rpgclassics as I've noticed. I like that site!

Another update when I get it. Quite a bit left of game playing to do....

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: TerraEsperZ on December 07, 2014, 05:08:42 PM
Great work so far! I'd like to know your impression of the game so far. One of the reason why I've been intrigued by it so far is the potential to explore a world that's not just a flat rectangular map, but something more intricate (two O'Neill cynlinder type space stations covered in typical land with, hopefully, a visit to the underlying technological structure of said stations). It's the same reason why Makai Toushi Saga (renamed Final Fantasy Legend outside of Japan) interested me with its series of flat (artificial?) worlds all linked by a seemingly endless tower.

Anyway, I've heard that the story is actually not as interesting as the setting might suggest, so do you feel that it's a game worth playing, for the story, the atmosphere, the music, or anything else?

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 07, 2014, 06:21:14 PM
The game itself is very fun and there is always something happening and playing while mapping I find myself playing and forget to map it then I have to go back to mapping so I can get it done in a hurry so I can play on. One of the things I like about it, now since we have access to the Resistance base is to fuse weapons (mostly guns) to make new ones and I can leave and pickup new characters now.

The music is probably the nicest thing for me in the game. I'm bobbing my head and don't even realize it! Now and again i think I'm playing a 16bit JRPG. The sci-fi atmosphere of the game is easy to get into. I've not played many space themed RPG's like this but this one hooked me in.

The story is good. It's not too involved but there are little things in the game that makes the story grab your attention wondering what will be next. For instance, there are terminals all about you can walk up to, press talk key and get information about things that have happened or things that will happen. It's basically linear story telling but it's quite interesting at times reading some of the dialogue and how it's presented.

Mapping the game is pretty easy since it's grid based and unlike a lot of grid based RPG's there is no need to shift the image 8 pixels to the left (like final fantasy) since I use a grid based sprite app for my maps I just load the snapshots in and stamp them down and they fall into place exactly. A lot of games are shifted 8 pixels down or up so you either need to use an 8x8 grid or shift the image 8 pixels up or down, THEN copy the image over. Of course this is just with my method of mapping.

As far as the world goes I'll have to play more. There is a aircraft that can be used but it's not available to me yet. I need so-and-so NavBots 2-3.

There is a lot of grinding required for at least the first Boss I dealt with. First time he kicked my butt then I leveled up a few times and he went down nicely. Fortunately there is an enemy group that comes out fairly early that gives good Exp's. Of course like the Metal Slimes but will pull out of battle. One thing I think is cool there are only certain type monsters that emerge on the world map no matter where you travel but after certain things are complete the new enemies then emerge on the same grounds as the older enemies. Usually this happens when you get to a new terrain but it's pretty neat how they tried a different method for that, and did a good job of it.

So, YES I recommend the game. According to gamefaq's statistics sheet the game will take on average (out of about 60% of people who played it) about 35 hours to finish. Just go for it and if you can't get into, no harm no fowl.

I'll let you know about the not-so flat world iffin' and when I get to it. :)

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: TerraEsperZ on December 08, 2014, 06:56:24 AM
Looks like I might have to give it a try (although I'm likely to use cheat codes to avoid grinding which I have no interest or time for) :)

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 10, 2014, 09:22:56 PM
At least give it a try. As far as grinding goes it really isn't too bad aside from that first boss. The normal enemies seem to be just fine as long as you get the good weapons. At any rate, do as you must! : )

Also as far as the cylindrical world you may be right. As I see now, using the Map1 and Map2 files you can see a brief pic of the world at a scientific value and shows what area of the land your currently on. And yes, you can see the sphere.

I've included the pre-map overview and the partial map using the minimap1 and 2 files (mapfile1) in the example. I'm not sure yet if there is a way to reach the core of the two lands but I will eventually.

Map Overview

Partial Map (the partial map only shows a section of the land when using the mapfile1 or 2 until you reach the edge of the next section then it shows what area you are now and the map for it.)

I never used the minimap before as I forgot I had one. The first map of land 1 can be grabbed right away after there is access to the tracks outside. I've taped together the different parts of the minimap but it isn't complete yet since there is no way to access that section of Land1. I'll need the Cruiser. As far as traveling devices go you have the basic Solar Car, the Mobile, the Cruiser and the Hoverplane.

I'll post some new maps soon.

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: TerraEsperZ on December 10, 2014, 10:12:00 PM
I was convinced the world was cylindrical the moment I saw your map of Land 1. You can see that the land at the top is being repeated on the bottom, which means the whole thing wraps around vertically. Being a huge science-fiction fan I find this idea being exploited in a game really neat. I know Final Fantasy XIII did something kinda similar with Cocoon but that was much less realistic than what this game is using (for a given value of realistic of course).

And regarding grinding, let's just say that when playing an RPG, I'm mostly interested in the world and the story. Grinding is thus an obstacles that is simply a waste of time and I normally don't hesitate to circumvent it.

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 13, 2014, 12:52:02 PM
I wasn't even paying it any attention until your message. It was kinda tricky getting these minimaps to tile seamlessly like they should since for some reason the minimaps aren't quite displaying the whole map at once. There seemed to be a slight (8x8 grid?) gap in them and you need travel n or s a bit to get the remainder of the current map to pop up but I think I got it now and understand how its being displayed.

So here is Land 2's minimaps stamped together. I've also noticed (as you, Mr Esper) pointed out the loop portion of the first lands map and i'm working on it now getting it to match the minimap.

I think this formula will suffice? I split each minimap horizontally 16p since it's given me a sign of sectional proportions. I've been to all three flight destinations and looked around but the middle section of the map seems to have a different entrance location so it's still blank. Seems like it's gonna be the final area of the game.

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 13, 2014, 11:13:22 PM
I've updated the Land1 Overhead map now. Almost Complete aside from the little area that requires the Hoverplane to access. It looks a lot nicer now.

Check the original link. I've renamed it but updated the link. It should match the minimap quite well.

I'll post the Minimap for Land1

It's break time.....

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 24, 2014, 06:13:37 AM
There will be an update shortly. I have all of the Land 1's map all mapped out. There is also several other maps complete. Bare with me...

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on December 26, 2014, 04:39:36 PM
Some new maps...

As a note anything mapped that appears on the Main Land1-2-3 maps are not really suitable for their own separate maps since they are only one small screen in size or two and have no enemies present. You'all should see some areas on the main overhead maps. Any suggestions on some other way to do it would be considered.

The main map Land1 has been updated. It's all mapped out but will touch it up.

All of these maps are listed in order of game progression for the most part. Some areas are open to explore freely choosing whichever order but this is the order I'm going which seems to be in the right direction. I've noted the maps accordingly.

Map 11 - Satellite Base. Mostly done but will add anything new. (Spaceport area)

Map 12 - Potatia Town (Land2)

Map 13 - Mech Shop Ruins (Land2)

Map 14 - Bio Palace Area1 (Land2)

Map 15 - Bio Palace Overhead Map (Land2) (unfinished ...)
3rd Overhead map somewhere in space... The music on this map greatly resembles that of a tune from FF6 the Veldt map area! (I think...) Sounds nearly the same, quality and all. The first time I heard it FF6 came to mind... Weird how a tune embeds in your head after 8 years since hearing it..

I just reached a new area of this map so mapping of this will continue.

Map 16 - Bio Palace Area2 (Land2)

Map 17 - Kazu's Lookout (Land2) Actually on the Main map. It's only 2 small floors.

Map 18 - Frontline to Orangeria Camp (Land2)

Map 18b - Orangeria Camp

Map 19 - Cosmo City (Land1)

Map 20 - Frontline to Ozone City (Land1)

Map 21 - Ozone City (Land1)

Map 22 - Weapon Stockpile (Land2)

Map 23 - Cruiser Station (Land2)

Map 24 - Corn Base (Land2)

Map 25 - Isis Hotel (Land2)

Map 26 - Old Hospital (Land2)

Map 27 - Rec Center Ruins (Land2)

EXTRA / SPOILERS - Monster Chart (Here is a chart of all the monsters up til now). It may be missing a few I didn't put in yet that I have encountered. It'll get fixed otherwise.

Alright that should give yuin's an Idea of what's happening with the mapping here.

Could be but I'm kinda thinking the Bio Area overhead map is the area right in the middle of Land2... We'll see. It's bogging me. :)

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on January 11, 2015, 10:58:46 AM
Well  the game is completely mapped now!

There are a total of 40 maps altogether. Land1 and 2 full maps and minimaps included. I'll be sending them in.

I think it's time to take a break now!

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: FlyingArmor on January 17, 2015, 09:14:40 PM
Great work on these maps! I'll resist the urge to look through the maps later in the game since I'd like to play through this properly some time. Thanks for bringing this game to our attention!

Title: Re: NES - Lagrange Point (Eng)
Post by: vorpal86 on January 18, 2015, 09:35:30 AM
Great work on these maps! I'll resist the urge to look through the maps later in the game since I'd like to play through this properly some time. Thanks for bringing this game to our attention!


Well you shouldn't get lost if you use the maps. There were only about two or three areas where you could actually get lost if not having a map. The game was fun to play and map. I didn't know about the game either until I watched The Happy console Gamer's review about it. It's pretty neat a' game. Hope ya have fun playing it as I did (when you decide you can and do)

Take it easy!