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Title: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: JonLeung on July 05, 2008, 02:34:26 PM
Congratulations to DarkWolf for sending in the 10,000th map!  At 2:33 PM today I put up the Level 4: River Rail map for SimCopter, our first Sim-prefixed game!  (I could've put that up last week, sorry.)

From May 6, 2002, to July 5, 2008...that's 74 months to get to 10,000!  Thanks to everyone who sent in the 9999 before that as well, of course, otherwise we wouldn't be at this milestone!

Before I put up some more maps this weekend, I've paused for a bit to see what stats I can derive...and here they are...

10000 maps

665 games

35 platforms

1424 MB

10000th map: SimCopter (PC) - Level 4 - River Rail (DarkWolf)

9000th map: Super Mario All-Stars (Super NES) - Super Mario Bros. - World 8 - Area 4 (Zeric)

8000th map: Bubble Bobble: Part 2 (NES) - Map (Will Mallia)

7000th map: The Little Mermaid (NES) - Stage 1 - Sea Of Coral (Will Mallia)

6000th map: ActRaiser (Super NES) - Kasandora - Act-1 (Rick Bruns)

5000th map: Lufia II: Rise Of The Sinistrals (Super NES) - Lake Cave (Rick Bruns)

4000th map: The 7th Saga (Super NES) - Kingdom Of Bilthem (KingKuros)

3000th map: Alien Syndrome (NES) - Round 6 (KingKuros)

2000th map: Aunt Arctic Adventure (Amiga) - Level 39 (Grizzly)

1000th map: Pokemon: FireRed/LeafGreen Versions (GBA) - Route 01 (Jaromaru)

Alphabetically first map: 1213 (PC) - Episode 1 (Will Mallia) OR 5 Days A Stranger - DeFoe Manor (Will Mallia)

Alphabetically last map: ZZT (PC) - Town Of ZZT - ZZT Palace (RT-55J)

Shortest map (pixels): 48 pixels - Resident Evil (PC) - Laboratory - B2 (Matis Casco)

Tallest map (pixels): 26,176 pixels - Super Bubble Bobble (Arcade) - Map (Will Mallia)

Tallest map / shortest map = 545.33 times taller

Skinniest map (pixels): 72 pixels - Resident Evil (PC) - Laboratory - B2 (Matis Casco)

Fattest (pixels): 27,200 pixels - Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (NES) - Level 2 - Blag Alley - Area 3 (TerraEsperZ)

Fattest map / skinniest map = 377.77 times fatter

Tallest/skinniest map (ratio): 4:409 - Super Bubble Bobble (Arcade) - Map (Will Mallia)

Shortest/fattest map (ratio): 340:3 - Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team (NES) - Level 2 - Blag Alley - Area 3 (TerraEsperZ)

Smallest map (filesize): 170 bytes - Resident Evil: Survivor (PC) - Arcade - 1F (Matis Casco)

Largest map (filesize): 22,029,854 bytes - The Settlers II (PC) - WWIII - Europe (LDK)

Largest map (filesize) / smallest map (filesize) = 129,587.38 times larger

Smallest map (area): 3456 pixels - Resident Evil (PC) - Laboratory - B2 (Matis Casco)

Largest map (area): 240,000,000 pixels - EarthBound Zero (J) (NES) - World (Chiasm)

Largest map (area) / smallest map (area) = 69,444.44 times larger

Most maps for a single game: 367 maps - Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars (Super NES) (Peardian)

Most versions of a single game: 13 platforms - Prince Of Persia (Various)

7497 wide maps

2071 tall maps

430 square maps

2 undefined size ratios (.PDFs)

9678 .PNG maps

294 .JPG maps

25 animated .GIF maps

2 .PDF guides

1 interactive .SWF map

2320 Super NES maps

2057 NES maps

1173 Game Boy/Game Boy Color maps

1148 PC maps

1116 Game Boy Advance maps

547 Genesis maps

477 Master System maps

210 Neo-Geo maps

199 Arcade maps

123 DS maps

81 PlayStation maps

70 TurboGrafx 16 maps

70 MSX maps

65 Amiga maps

57 Commodore 64 maps

39 Game Gear maps

33 Saturn maps

26 Nintendo 64 maps

26 GameCube maps

24 Atari ST maps

22 PlayStation 2 maps

22 Neo-Geo Pocket/Neo-Geo Pocket Color maps

18 ZX Spectrum maps

17 Atari 7800 maps

13 Amstrad CPC maps

12 Apple II maps

9 WonderSwan Color maps

8 X68000 maps

7 Dreamcast maps

6 Atari 2600 maps

3 Virtual Boy maps

1 Xbox map

1 CD-i map

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: Revned on July 05, 2008, 02:42:52 PM
Umm, that game doesn't look like SimCopter to me.... This is what it looks like:

User posted image

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: JonLeung on July 05, 2008, 03:02:37 PM
Yeah, I looked again and saw some shots like that.  DarkWolf said something about them being career maps.  Maybe in-game maps?  SimCity 2000-reconstructed maps?  Loading up the map files in SimCity 2000 instead?  I'll fix the description of the maps if necessary when I'm sure.

I can't be expected to know everything about all the games I put up maps for.  >_>  That's 665 games so far, by the way, I just figured that out.  I looked at the number of titles I have images for, added the number of those that don't have titles, and subtracted those in the "Other" section that don't have maps, and subtracted those that are externally linked, and subtracted the redundancies (like Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue & 3 White).  I'll add the games count to my stats above...

(For some reason the "Doom" movie DVD is sitting on the computer desk, no joke.  Too bad for anyone wanting to send in something like Doom for the 666th game...that will be Dungeons Of Kroz...)

I'll back up onto the other computer now that it's reached this milestone, so that I can continue adding more maps now...  :P

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: DarkWolf on July 05, 2008, 06:54:14 PM
All of the Career maps in SimCopter are just SimCity 2000 maps.  I know it's kind of cheap, but hey, someone was allowed to put up screen maps from the Heroes of Might and Magic II editor, so =P

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: JonLeung on July 05, 2008, 07:04:56 PM
I recall Streets Of SimCity used SimCity 2000 cities as well.  I'm guessing SimCopter/Streets Of SimCity/SimCity 2000 all use the same format?  Are they all totally interchangeable with each other?

Do I call these "In-Game Maps"?  Well, if they don't look like that in the game, then no...  Hmmm...  Should I just put in parentheses "(SimCity 2000)" and leave it at that?

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: Will on July 05, 2008, 09:37:28 PM
Lucky me! 5 records which includes: 7000th and 8000th maps, Alphabetically first map, Tallest map, and tallest-skinniest map not to mention I have done most of the of the various consoles versions of Prince of Persia. What next I wonder?

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: JonLeung on July 05, 2008, 09:48:29 PM
Well, Will, you've also done most of the Neo-Geo maps.  Which is an accomplishment because I'm actually surprised that it's eighth on the list of consoles.  Well, ninth if you count the Game Boy and Game Boy Color as separate...  (I really should get around to breaking that up like I keep saying I will...  :P)  Then again, seeing what's below the 8th/9th, maybe it's not that much a surprise.  >_>

The top five, in terms of number of maps, have always been locked as those five I hardly need to mention.  The Super NES and NES are probably always going to be up there at the top.  I'm surprised at how close the Game Boy (+ Color), PC, and GBA atlases are to each other right now, though.  The Genesis, at sixth, only has about half as much as the fifth, the GBA.  I'd actually like to see more Genesis maps, as being a Nintendo fan means I've likely seen most of the NES/Super NES stuff already, but it's clear that other contributors are mostly Nintendo fans too...

We still have only one Xbox map (for Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, which could just as easily have been a map for the PC version).

My first console (I mean other than that Pong thing) was actually a ColecoVision (bundled with Donkey Kong).  When that was breaking down we got an Adam computer, which had a slot for ColecoVision cartridges.  Good memories.  That said, I'm surprised we still don't have any ColecoVision maps at all!  o_0

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: Eggz on July 05, 2008, 10:15:37 PM
I love compilation stats. It always gives you a reason to sit back and go "Huh, we've really made something here. What an accomplishment" ... Or sometimes rather to some of us "We should get out more" :P

But no, stats are awesome, and this is a huge milestone. What would be really cool to see is the dates that the other listed milestones were posted (if that was ever kept track of) so you can see the progression of the size and popularity of the site.

And it's also a great way that we can all pat ourselves on the back for a few seconds before getting back to adding more :P


This looks like a job for Science!

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: DarkWolf on July 06, 2008, 07:10:53 AM
If you want you can categorize them as SCURK (SimCity Urban Renewal Kit) maps since that's what I used to piece them together.

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: Will on July 19, 2008, 10:55:01 AM
The topic will soon become stale, due to the constant increase of mapcount and soon to hit upon 11,000 maps so I might make the most of the subject while I still can. I wonder if anybody could record out of all games and maps which is the oldest and newest games of each console we have available. You've got so many Super Nintendo games, I don't know whether you can find the oldest and newest by Month and day. When I mean old and new, I mean the chronological order of the games when they were first produced. Final Fight, F-Zero, Super Mario World and Super Smash were produced at the earliest in the year 1990 but who has got the record for the oldest and newest titles ever? I believe my "Trilby - Art of the Theft" maps are the newest currently available on the IBM PC section, but that can change. Perhaps another time we can have records of the newest and oldest games ever mapped here.

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: vorpal86 on July 19, 2008, 04:49:04 PM
Wow. When I first found this place It helped me out with maps. I get lost easy sometimes when playing a game that has large maps and there is several directions to travel. I've found this site very useful thanks to all the contributers. :)

Yay to!

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: JonLeung on July 19, 2008, 06:09:21 PM
Thanks, vorpal86!

By the way, I find it funny that all these maps take up only 1424 MB.  Especially considering that I'm soon going to put up 300 MB worth of maps for a single game.  (Okay, well, a single game with an expansion.  :P)  Be ready for it...

Title: RE: 10,000TH MAP!
Post by: RT 55J on July 19, 2008, 06:47:12 PM
Let me guess... the game is a rogue-like with all possible layouts mapped.


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