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1  General Boards / Gaming / RE: Do you like FMVs or other big story sequences in games? on: June 14, 2006, 12:41:50 PM
...and that it's not disrupting the flow of actual gameplay

I think that statement about sums up FMVs.  I play an obscene amount of role-playing games.  I really enjoy fighting battles, solving puzzles, and exploring new areas.  When an FMV comes along, it disrupts these actions, and therefore is a nuisance.  Especially when you're replaying the game, or resuming from a save point after you died, and you've already seen the 15-minute movie, and just want to get on with the game already.

If FMVs allow you to bypass them by pressing a button (or sequence), then I'll watch them.  If they don't, the game goes back to the store.
2  General Boards / Gaming / RE: Any of you guys play StarCraft? on: June 13, 2006, 06:31:47 AM
Back in my college years, my roommates and I would play LAN games every night and weekend.  Age of Empires, Starcraft, Netstorm, Quake(1 or 2), Age of Wonders, Allegiance, etc.  Most of the time we played cooperatively, and really slaughtered the computer enemies.  

For example, in Starcraft, I would play human, one guy would play Protoss, and another had Zerg.  The Protoss guy would set up a defense perimeter for all of us, the Zerg would kick out thousands of infantry, and the Protoss would work on the monstrous battleship-thingy.  Eventually, he would take one of my builders and build some firebats too.  Then, we'd all charge in (usually against a Zerg), and slaughter them in no time flat.
3  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: Since books are all the rage, I decided to buy some. on: June 08, 2006, 07:29:36 AM
I have the 3 Myst books at home in hardback.  They are nice and look great on the shelf.  I'm tempted to buy some book pedestals, put them in my office, and get some spotlights to shine on them Smiley

The Myst series is very enjoyable.  It reads very quickly (I could finish all 3 in a single weekend, and I don't speed read), and really draws you in.

I'm tempted to pick up Flatland and the sequel.  I saw something about them on the internet, and they look interesting.  
4  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: What if... on: May 15, 2006, 06:34:26 AM
Borrowed from "Clarifying Ostensive Definitions by Logical Possibility of Inverted Color Perceptions", I'm sure that this will add to the discussion:

Although many materialists are not satisfied with the conclusions of logical empiricism, they have no different opinion about the view of logical empiricism on ostensive definitions because they believe that a sensation reflects a property of objects and there is a one-to-one relation between the sensations and the properties. As to that ostensive definitions are made with the sensations or with the properties, this is of no importance to them. They still more have no doubt about the identity between sensations of different people. What is critical in this paper is to prove that the identity between sensations or experiences of different people cannot be logically proved. And it is possible that different people with the same language have different even inverted sensations; and hence, the view of logical empiricism on the ostensive definitions is logically wrong.

5  General Boards / Gaming / RE: My E3 2006 topic. on: May 11, 2006, 09:42:50 AM
I'm a Nntendo addict myself.  I'll take Mario and Link above Sonic and Chief anytime.  

Although, I did have to pick up Sony for the Final Fantasy series (before I realized they were going to screw it up) and Dragon Warrior.  But since they were both introduced to me in the Nintendo arena, they don't count.
6  General Boards / Map Gab / RE: Destiny of an Emperor (NES) on: May 09, 2006, 06:19:18 AM
So I finally found the memory location to poke in updated coordinates.  Now, I can map the 4096x4096 overworld a little bit faster, without having to worry about nuisances like water and impassible mountains.  I just poke the new coordinates in, screenshot, and move on.  Since I'm not physically walking, I shouldn't even have to worry about random encounters.  

Funny thing is that some of the overworld map seems to be tile palettes.  Should these be cut from the final map, or included since it is actually part of the overworld.  I don't believe it to be a result of pushing myself outside the REAL map.  There is a considerable amount of the map that is unreachable and so far away from a reachable path that it should never be displayed.
7  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: Wow. This apricot cheescake is REALLY nice... on: May 09, 2006, 06:16:00 AM
I got myself a cheesecake the other day too.  It was 1/4 original, 1/4 turtle, 1/4 rasberry, and 1/4 chocolate.  So far, only 2 slices (of 16) are gone.  I really should resolve that problem.

On the flip-side, I made myself a cookies and cream milkshake last night.  I highly recommend the Magic Bullet for all your milkshake needs.
8  General Boards / Mapping Tips/Guides / RE: Mapping Tools on: May 09, 2006, 06:14:13 AM
Sounds like a great tool.  Where can I get my very own slicer and dicer?  Does it make julienne fries?
9  General Boards / Map Gab / Destiny of an Emperor (NES) on: May 05, 2006, 01:34:16 PM
My first attempt at mapping, so we'll see how this goes.  I imagine the process will be long, slow, and ardu... ardru... difficult.  So far, I have 1 town mapped, and thinking about starting on the overworld.

I have found one map of the overworld on the internet, but it is not at 1x scale, and the colors seem a bit distorted.  Still haven't seen any of the towns, castles, or caves mapped, so this should be a worthwhile venture.
10  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: I'll be less present around here for a while... on: May 04, 2006, 12:58:29 PM
Not to get all evangelical or nothing, but I've found a great place to get in touch with people is through church.  While the whole point of church is to spend time with God, you'll often find yourself spending time with other people also.  

My wife and I used to be the type of people who would sit around and do nothing all day but watch TV.  We started going to a new church and found a group of people in the same stage of life as us, and are now much more social people than we were before.

Humans are social creatures.  We don't just want interaction, but we need it.  Whether it is to go out drinking and dancing, or talking and praying, we all need a group to belong to.  I hope you find yours.

By the way...creating a social circle is more difficult than joining one, especially if you aren't really social to begin with.  Figure out what you like to do, and place yourself among others doing the same.  If you like walking or hiking, go to a trailhead or a park.  If you like basketball, hang out at a court and wait to join a pick-up game.  If you like dogs, go to a dog park, or take yours for a walk around the neighborhood.   Eventually, you'll cross paths with someone interesting, and maybe get an invite into one of their circles.
11  General Boards / Gaming / RE: Game: Easter Mushrooms? on: May 04, 2006, 12:40:04 PM
In Dragon Warrior IV, the Demon Toadstool is an enemy you sometimes face which is capable of poisoning your adventurers.
12  General Boards / Gaming / RE: Gaming as a diversion on: May 04, 2006, 12:33:40 PM
Being lazy is the first step to gaining weight, so you're regimen has already begun.  Just make sure that an ice chest of sodas is at your feet, several boxes of cookies and bags of chips are nearby, and the remote control is in your hand, and you're all set.
13  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: I'll be less present around here for a while... on: May 04, 2006, 12:32:15 PM
Terra, you will be missed.  I hope you find what you are looking for.  If not, know you are always welcome here.

As for "no social life at all"...what is being social all about, except conversing and spending time with people with similar interests...

I fully understand your desire to interact with people in a more physical flesh-and-blood kind of way.  Interacting with only a computer monitor and a keyboard leaves one needing the warmth of a handshake, or the sound of a real laugh every now and again.  Plus, smoothies and milkshakes taste so much better when they're not pictures on a screen.  Am I right?
14  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: May 04, 2006, 12:28:17 PM
Sorry for the double-post.

<mutter>stinkin edit button</mutter>

I read something on another forum that made me think.  Here's a paraphrase:

Think of the similarities:

- Microsoft Xbox 360

- Nintendo Revolution

What is a revolution, but a 360 degree turn?

Of course, if the similarity was intentional, why wasn't the Sega Saturn followed by the Sony Jupiter or the Nintendo Uranus?  I could see a system being called Jupiter, implying a larger and more prominent system, but something about the idea of plugging a controller or inserting a cartridge in Uranus could be misconstrued...
15  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: May 04, 2006, 12:16:45 PM
Sounds good.  Let's call it "Xghtzkpf" instead.  Since that's unpronouncable, we can affectionally nickname it the "X-box"
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