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16  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: YK's random map progress thread on: August 15, 2016, 06:20:58 PM
I don't recall anyone calling dibs on that game, and doing a search for it just brings up your post, so I'd say you should be okay. Smiley
17  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: August 08, 2016, 01:23:30 AM
FF3 was the easiest FF to map by far; not having to jump through technical hoops to map things properly was really nice.

As for FF8, I have no plans to map it. If there's anyone out there who wants to give it a shot, by all means! Just because I've done most of the mapping for Final Fantasy on this site doesn't mean I have a monopoly on it. Wink
18  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: August 06, 2016, 03:51:58 PM
I'm about ready to wrap up work on Final Fantasy III; I just got two more maps to label and it'll be done!

Working on these maps also made me do a ton of corrections with my FF4 maps mainly, but also a number of FF5 ones as well. A lot of it is just correcting the spacing of certain letters in the item legends, since I noticed a problem with my font file for typing the translations of item names. This also prompted me to fix some other errors I stumbled across in the process, as well as making sure the naming conventions I chose for recurring items remain consistent across the three games.

I won't dump all of that along with the remaining FF3 maps onto Jon all at once, but here's a heads up that it'll come in due time. Smiley
19  General Boards / Map Requests / Re: Request Listings on: July 27, 2016, 11:25:57 AM
I cannot speak for Trop, but if I were in his position, Points would be the last means of exchange I would ever consider, the primary reason being that you cannot convert Points back into currency. The only things Points seem to be good for is for buying stuff from the deviantART store and for getting memberships.
20  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: July 19, 2016, 07:38:38 PM
Glad you approve of the Brain Lord maps! I'm just happy to have finally completed that collaboration project with you.

I got about 20 new maps done for Ultima VI so far, and two of those are dungeons, so I'm whittling those away one by one. Cheesy
21  General Boards / Map Requests / Re: Ultima and Final Fantasy on: July 19, 2016, 03:57:34 PM
I find there's pros and cons for both the SNES and PC versions of Ultima VI, so it's difficult for me to side with one or the other. One of the pros of the SNES version is you see more of the world at any given time when wandering around, as opposed to the PC version where your view is much more limited in comparison.

No, I don't think it uses the Super NES Mouse. And I don't think that when it was brought over to North America that the programmers would have wanted to redesign everything to accommodate the mouse, if that was ever a thought that cropped up in their minds. The Japanese port came out a few months before the mouse did in Japan (although the game came out in April of 1992, the in-game credits say 1991 for some reason), so that's probably one solid reason for there being no mouse support in the North American version.

Personally, I never really found the controls to be all that bad. It certainly is different compared with the original PC version, but the way it was restructured I find still works fairly well.

No problem! And there's more to come!
22  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: July 16, 2016, 09:23:14 PM
I just finished labeling the Brain Lord maps (mapping done by Tropicon) which I had started a few years ago, so now anyone who's curious about where all the items are as well as how to enter the various hidden rooms, you won't be disappointed.

Now that Brain Lord's done, I'm back working on Ultima VI. Been mainly focusing on towns and standalone buildings, but I'll get to the dungeons eventually.
23  General Boards / Map Gab / Re: Something (possibly) from VGMaps spotted at E3... on: June 16, 2016, 05:04:48 PM
Heheh, that's a pretty interesting application of a Zelda map. Next step for VGMaps: textiles!
24  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: June 11, 2016, 01:50:28 PM
Well, since my PC is over 10 years old (I got it from the electronic dump around here) I don't think I'd be able to play Final Fantasy XIII on it. I've never ever had the latest and greatest with PC hardware, so that's probably a huge reason why I play consoles and am not all that interested in PC games.

However, I did end up buying Final Fantasy XIII (Japanese) on eBay for a little over $25 CAD after a little searching, so now I just gotta find some place where I can get a PS3 for cheap (under $150 would be nice). My birthday is coming up soon anyway, so might as well treat myself, eh? Smiley
25  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: June 10, 2016, 05:21:42 PM
Don't worry about that Gilts Village map. I just uploaded that map here to make a point about how you'd have no idea to search around the trees for hidden items if you didn't already know they were there in the first place. Besides, that map is out-of-date anyway; I've made a lot of changes to it since that post.

The huge break from Final Fantasy VII maps is mainly due to not wanting to slog through battle after battle leveling up my party. I was fairly under leveled by the time I got to Mideel, and I didn't find the correct codes for modifying the amount of EXP and AP gained after battle at that time, so I simply put mapping Final Fantasy VII aside. Now that most of my characters are close to level 99, I can simply breeze through the game without worrying about being too weak to proceed on. The only thing that's gonna take some time to do is the Chocobo breeding.

So with all that said, I should have all the maps done long before the remake comes out if I continue to work on them regularly.

Even now I've yet to play Final Fantasy XIII (not having a PS3 is certainly a major factor in that), and it being so linear is the one thing I always hear about it. That aspect alone won't deter me from playing it though. I'll just know what to expect in that respect. Wink
26  General Boards / Gaming / Re: Waterloo Video Game Swap - anyone here live in Ontario? on: May 28, 2016, 05:14:47 AM
If it were next weekend, I would definitely have gone to see what was all there, but at the moment I'm in Toronto attending Anime North and won't be returning back home until Sunday night, well after the swap has ended. So this time I got a better excuse to not go! Wink

By the way, I posted some photos of the stuff I got in the flea market last night at AN on my tumblr. There were plenty of video games for sale at there as well. I think I mainly saw stuff for PS2 and newer. I did catch a glimpse of a Japanese FF6 cartridge on one table, but since I already got that game complete with box and manual, I paid it no more attention, lol.
27  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: May 23, 2016, 11:18:28 AM
Thanks very much, Terra! I'm pretty much the same way with not commenting on other mappers’ work I'm not familiar with. It can certainly explain my low post count when compared to other regulars here. Maybe I should remedy that... Wink

I tend not to worry all that much over missing things. There have been the few occasions where that's happened to me with previous map sets, but I don't stress over it. If it happens, oh well. I just revise the map and get it updated on the site.

When I'm in the labeling phase of mapping, I usually have a few walkthrough sites handy to make sure I don't miss anything. There have been times where I find something that wasn't listed on those sites, but it doesn't happen often.

Although I haven't formally announced it yet, I've been working on Light Fantasy on and off for several months, and if it weren't for this one walkthrough site I've been referring to, there would have been a ton of hidden items I'd have never known existed. I've attached one such map to this post. All the hidden items are found in the trees. If you weren't told about them, you'd never think to look there, right? I wonder if it's ever brought up in the game manual.

But even so, if I had sent in the maps without those hidden items pointed out, I doubt anyone would complain over their absence. I don't think this game is well-known enough to warrant that kind of response anyway. So in conclusion, I'd just say don't sweat it. Smiley

Trop, even if you manage to get your karma down to zero, it's still very possible to get it back up to 100. Every time you meditate at a shrine for leveling up you get 10 karma points, so stealing the odd thing here and there isn't going to make the game unwinnable. Wink
28  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: May 21, 2016, 01:04:07 PM
Thanks very much, Trop. Smiley

Well, it's something I've been meaning to do for a long while now. There's tons of really cool stuff to get in the game, and I've yet to see anyone lay it all out like I'm doing. For instance, as far as I can recall, you don't really need to buy any magic equipment at all; you can just find it all in the dungeons.
29  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: What a horrible night to have a curse. on: May 17, 2016, 03:49:35 PM
Of course, that will lead into my next problem these days which is that I rarely find things that I both want to map and aren't already mapped by someone else.

With me, I seem to be pretty lucky in that most of the games I tend to want to map are available for the taking, which is a little strange since a number of the games I've mapped are from very popular series (Final Fantasy being the predominant example). Even Jon has made that observation numerous times over the years. And even if someone does take on a game I would have liked to do myself, I usually see that as a good thing; it's one less game that I have to worry about.

Having said all that, when the game happens to not be an RPG, they usually tend to all be taken though. Smiley That can explain why I mainly work in that genre exclusively (with a couple of exceptions here and there).

Also, nowadays I'm focusing more on obscure Japanese RPGs that almost no one has heard of, so I don't really have to worry all that much about people "taking" those ones away from me, haha.
30  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: FlyingArmor's Map Projects Present and Future on: May 05, 2016, 07:31:57 PM
Update Time!

I have updated a number of maps (FF4, FF5, Dragon Quest 1+2) which had some mistakes or missing things. I also added the Chocobo Forest maps for both versions of FF4, which I had completely forgot about. I only realized that map was missing when I was playing through that game again and ended up stumbling upon an item in the grass!

Besides that, I've given some attention to Ultima VI: The False Prophet again. I've done a couple of the smaller dungeons and a few other things. Besides the dungeons, I'm also gonna make individual maps for all the towns, buildings and shrines, detailing all the items that can be gotten within them (though most of the stuff if taken will lead you to losing karma, heheh).

Still no progress with Final Fantasy VII.

But I have laid out most of the areas in Final Fantasy III though! I got around to playing it from start to finish last month, so now I'm very familiar with that Final Fantasy at long last. Cheesy You'll probably see maps for this come out some time in June.
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