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1  General Boards / Maps In Progress / Re: Robert's Map Development - Rips, Guides, Originals, etc. on: August 18, 2016, 08:59:30 PM
Greetings, I once contributed to VGMaps years ago. Now I'm going to try to come back to map making on my favorite games that haven't been mapped at all. Here I have a list of games which I am going to map, all of which are currently planned and not started yet as I post this topic. Most of these games I'm going to map are for PC. For types such as consoles, I will do original drawing. I also plan to add to current mapped games and give a detailed version on some maps, such as some Legend of Zelda ones, which I have my eye on.

Alright, enough explaining my arts of mapping, here's the list Grin

DOOM [So many systems]
Status: Not started
Map Count: 36
Type: Ripped
Method: Applying textures on in-game maps
Notes: Project includes the fourth "Thy Flesh Consumed" episode. Maps will show all items, monsters, and secrets for each map.

Status: Finished and submitted
Map count: 2
Type: Ripped
Method: Exporting, gathering info
Notes: The in-game map can easily be extracted. I will include a copy of the map that gives a quick-guide about the animatronics.

Status: Starting soon
Map count: 85+
Type: Ripped
Method: Screencapping, gathering info
Notes: Maps will only feature the angle you start it on. I will include information about the scenario on the corner of the map. This project will go over not only vanilla RCT but the expansion packs as well.

woah! you have great list there! I would love to try one of your games? I'll pick the Rollercoaster tycoon: deluxe
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