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1  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / Re: YouTube channel! (JonLeung1) on: Yesterday at 10:36:22 PM

Decided to review the elgato green screen I recently got (thanks to bustin98 for helping me out, too)!  I actually managed to conceive of, film, edit and publish this video all within one day!  Hopefully future videos using a green screen will look better than the old green cloth I used to use... for like the one Mega Man video, heh.  But you can expect more soon!
2  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / How easy is it to recreate or clean up a song? on: January 20, 2018, 03:10:42 PM
I know there are some techy guys out there, I wonder if you guys would know anything about music extracting, recreating, or cleaning up.

There are two songs I would like tidied-up versions of, but there are other sounds that get in the way, and no full version exists that I know of.  Anyone have the ability to extract, edit or remake these?

Just Dance 4 - Just Sweat - Aerobics In Space (Intense)
- from 6:13 to 7:50
- could it somehow be extracted from the Wii ISO?

Just Dance 2018 - Double Rumble - Sports 'Til I Drop
- it's actually a longer version of the previous song
- could it somehow be extracted from the Wii ISO?
- but it would need to be cleaned up as the "sports" sound effects may be part of the audio

- from 1:30 to 3:06
- (if you're curious, that's a 360 degree video, so you either move your tablet/phone, use the WASD keys or click and drag to look around)
- doesn't seem like ScottDW will be releasing a full version?  All his music is free to use in YouTube anyway...

I know it's unlikely, but I might as well put this out there...

Thanks in advance!
3  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / Re: YouTube channel! (JonLeung1) on: January 18, 2018, 08:32:05 AM
So I don't know if you heard the news from two evenings ago, but YouTube changed the monetization eligibility rules for the YouTube Partner Program, so that Tubers with less than 1000 current subscribers and 4000 hours of playtime in the last year no longer generate any ad revenue.  While it is true that a large percentage (they say 99%) of the people affected were making less than a couple bucks a year anyway, what is really aggravating is how it feels like YouTube is throwing small content creators under the bus.  Being only two weeks after the Logan Paul incident where he published a video which included a dead body, while he was punished, most would say not severely or quickly enough, it makes it more obvious that they favour big Tubers (and let them get away with just about anything) and don't care about small Tubers (not only revenue, but we might lose out on some tools and features). EDIT: Okay, maybe we don't lose as much feature-wise as I was originally led to believe, but it's still about their attitude towards small creators more than the miniscule amount of revenue.

Those currently in the YouTube Partner Program (like myself) are not grandfathered in, and will lose monetization by Feb. 20 if the current requirements are not met.

So of course, I would absolutely hope that you subscribe to my channel.  But I would also encourage everyone to subscribe to any YouTuber they like to watch, most especially if they have under a thousand views.
4  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / Re: YouTube channel! (JonLeung1) on: January 14, 2018, 08:36:20 PM

I finished a review of The Unofficial SNES/Super Famicom: A Visual Compendium (and I only got it two days ago, on Friday!  What a weekend)!   Yes, timely content - it comes out on February 1!  Check it out!
5  Site Boards / Message Board Announcements / 2018-01-12: Forums are up again, thanks to bustin98! on: January 12, 2018, 02:40:37 PM
This is actually a couple days late, but there were a few days earlier this week when the forums were down.  There's a possibility most of you didn't even notice.  But regardless, I have to give a really big thanks to bustin98 for fixing it.  Other than truncating a couple decade-old and somehow "incomplete" posts, it doesn't appear like we've lost anything.  I did backups (or so I thought) regularly since the last time there were forum issues, but now I'll make the habit of backing up the whole "forums" folder and via the webhost's tools to be absolutely sure.

Also, very briefly a few days ago, the site itself was down for a short while, like a few hours.  That was just a server migration thing.  May have been related to the forums going down.

It seems there're no issues now, but I still wanted to make a post to thank bustin98 again, and in the off chance that any maps/pages on the site are missing, to please let me know.
6  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / Re: YouTube channel! on: January 01, 2018, 02:10:33 PM

Six Degrees Of Super Mario!  Someone's got to find this interesting, right?
7  General Boards / Maps Of The Month / 2018/01: Quo Vadis (C64) - KingKuros on: December 31, 2017, 10:10:10 PM

For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to KingKuros's Quo Vadis (C64) maps.

Quo Vadis finally gets its long-overdue recognition for Maps Of The Month, an honour somehow missed until now (though it did make it onto the "VGMaps's 15th Anniversary - 15 BEST MAP SETS!" video.  This large, single map also got published in Retro Gamer issue 81!  What's notable about this game, you ask?  Why, it was the biggest game at the time, the first to be over a thousand screens in size!

Its other claim to fame are the real riches someone could have earned.  Has anyone claimed the £40,000 in prizes for solving the riddle within this game?   It is now 400 months since its release, and as far as anyone can tell, it hasn't been paid out.  There are six clues within this game - five found in this labyrinth and a sixth as you exit.  Being the first to solve them and mailing in the correct answer should have won somebody £30,000 and a scepter worth £10,000, but that probably never happened.  But at least here, KingKuros finally gets something for scouring this entire cavern!  Okay, a Maps Of The Month recognition isn't the same as £40,000, but it's something.

So to recognize the effort put into mapping the first game to be over 1000 screens large. KingKuros's Quo Vadis (C64) maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for January 2018.
8  General Boards / Map Gab / Re: Downloadable 3D maps requested by Nega! (thread WIP until 21st December) on: December 20, 2017, 10:48:39 AM
I wouldn't be opposed to hosting 3D maps on VGMaps; would love it, actually, as VGMaps could then get closer to modern...

But is there a common/standard file format for 3D maps now?
9  General Boards / Map Requests / Re: Mission Impossible for NES on: December 13, 2017, 09:52:54 AM
Yes, this is VGMaps, not "VGAllGraphicalAssets".

Of course it's up to the mapper how to handle them if at all, but I wouldn't be opposed to including titles and cut scenes and anything else as long as they are neatly arranged and part of an image that is still mostly a map.  Like opening sequence shots with the map of the first stage/area, that kind of thing.  Though it could be considered spoileriffic to include end stuff with the last stage/area... hmmm.  In any case, just like the maps themselves, anything else added should all be kept as neat and simple as possible.

I only mapped the first couple areas of Totally Rad (NES), but I always felt that if I were to redo them or request that someone do them, that the cut scenes could be included in the maps, since the '80s/'90s surfer slang is amusing to me.  But as with any game I would be quite pleased with just the maps, as that is the point.
10  General Boards / Map Requests / Re: Mega Man Maps on: December 04, 2017, 12:56:24 PM
Funny that you should mention "11", Revned...

Seven years since Mega Man 10.  Well, it will be eight, since this will be out late next year.

Do we like the new look?  As always, what I care about is... who are the Robot Masters?

Looks like the mysterious artwork found in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 might actually be from this, as Mega Man appears to change forms (not just colour) when using different weapons!
11  General Boards / Maps Of The Month / 2017/12: Mega Man ZX Advent (DS) - X GOD on: November 30, 2017, 09:34:43 PM

For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to X GOD's Mega Man ZX Advent (DS) maps.

A girl named Ashe is searching for treasure.  A Reploid named Grey awakens with no memory.  Whoever's story you choose to follow, they will both find themselves aligned with the Hunters, and soon find that they are able to "Megamerge" with the sought-after Biometals, which means transforming into a "Mega Man".  Will they be able to fend off the Raiders, defeat the Mavericks and Pseudodroids, and stop Master Albert from accumulating the pieces of the Model W Biometal which he hopes to use to become the ultimate "Mega Man" and "reset" the world (by destroying everyone)?

A hundred years after the Mega Man series is the Mega Man X series.  A few hundred years after the Mega Man X series is the Mega Man Zero series.  Another hundred years later is the Mega Man ZX series.  I bet you didn't think the Mega Man series would lead up to all this way back when Mega Man first decided to take on Bomb Man back in 200X...  (Though Mega Man Legends/64 supposedly takes place thousands of years after this...)

As vast as the timeline may be, at least you won't get lost in this underrated DS game, thanks to maps by X GOD.

So for mapping the relatively-obscure almost-end of the Mega Man continuity, X GOD's Mega Man ZX Advent (DS) maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for December 2017.
12  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / Re: YouTube channel! on: November 27, 2017, 08:30:31 AM

Another game book review, this time of the Nintendo 64 Anthology, which SHOULD be of interest to people here, I would imagine.

(I posted this last night, turns out yesterday was one year and one day after getting the book...  I will make more effort to be sure these reviews are more timely, though in this case I believe the Special Collector's Edition is still available.)
13  General Boards / Map Gab / Re: NES Game Atlas: recreation on: November 15, 2017, 09:56:47 PM
As mentioned in the first post, the NES Game Atlas is simply a book I really like; it was the first Nintendo Power Player's Guide, which featured full maps of many of the most popular NES franchises.

This topic encouraged mappers to essentially make that book obsolete, which we did, by not only mapping the same games covered, but the sequels that were not out at the time of the original book's release.

We extended the idea to create a topic/request for a hypothetical "Super NES Game Atlas" - while the book doesn't exist, it was simply to map the same series' continuation in 16-bits, which was also completed.

The idea was also brought to the Game Boy in a topic/request for a hypothetical "Game Boy Game Atlas", but after five years and a month, it's still missing one game - Super Mario Bros. Deluxe still isn't complete.  Ironically, you'd think it would be the most popular game to be mapped, since it's a remake of the most popular game in its day.  Even Nintendo hasn't forgotten about it, as it made an appearance towards the end of the Nintendo World Championships 2017.  Strange, eh?

So, just like any other maps, these aren't to "play", but to view.

I wonder - after all this time - have people been misreading "recreation" in this topic header as in "recreational" instead of as in "re-creation"?  I intended the latter, as we are recreating something, not necessarily having any more fun (as in recreational) than any other mapping project.  I leave out the hyphen here because that doesn't seem consistent - after all, we say "redo", "react" and "refund", not "re-do", "re-act" or "re-fund", so why not "recreate" instead of "re-create"?  At work the other day, I used the word "reask" in an email which I wonder if it caused confusion...
14  General Boards / Maps Of The Month / Re: 2017/11: Chip's Challenge (PC) - Peardian on: November 07, 2017, 11:55:31 AM
I recall Peardian saying somewhere or somewhen about the nostalgia behind this game being the reason for it being mapped.  Not every game featured for the Maps Of The Month have to be the best-looking game ever made.  And in my research it seems this game did have a fair following, it isn't just Peardian who likes it.

Personally, I'm a fan of a game from Everett Kaser Software called Hero's Heart, which is a very similar type of top-down puzzle game.  There is an enhanced version called Hero's Heart Gold (sounds like Pokémon) though I may be remembering incorrectly and it may just be called Hero Gold.  (Just did some Googling (quite limiting at work, especially looking up anything about games) and it seems there was a 1998 sequel to Hero's Heart called Hero Defiant.  Hmmm.)
15  General Boards / Maps Of The Month / 2017/11: Chip's Challenge (PC) - Peardian on: October 31, 2017, 08:27:52 PM

For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to Peardian's Chip's Challenge (PC) maps.

The nerdy Chip McCallahan wants to gain membership into the exclusive Bit Buster Club, led by Melinda The Mental Marvel.  To do so, he must pass through 149 levels of Melinda's "Clubhouse", full of hazards, creatures and puzzlish scenarios.  Do you have the brains to help Chip survive this virtual nightmare and take Melinda to the E-Prom?

Mario game mapper Peardian actually gives us maps for a non-Mario game (and last month featured a Mario game not mapped by Peardian)!  There may have been a number of top-down view puzzle games on the PC at the time, but Chip's Challenge had some renown.  It was originally developed for the Atari Lynx, and despite (or maybe because of) the Lynx's unpopularity, it was ported to a few other platforms.  It found some popularity on Windows 3.1 by being featured on Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4 and Best Of Microsoft Entertainment Pack.  But it would take 26 years for a sequel, also made by the original creator, Chuck Sommerville.

What makes Chip's Challenge particularly challenging is its limited view.  Peardian's maps show you each whole level, giving Chip a better chance to clear these challenges and meet up with Melinda.  Thanks, Peardian!

So for mapping a real Windows classic (that's not Solitaire or Minesweeper), Peardian's Chip's Challenge (PC) maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for November 2017.
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