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3091  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: New Transformers Article on: April 28, 2006, 08:35:41 AM
There will at least be giant transforming robots (though without mass-shifting, I guess no more "giant" than a vehicle "unfolded" and standing upright would be) and those robots will be fighting.  On the big screen.  That alone is awesome.  Because it has the Transformers name attached to it, I don't think it's too much to ask that Optimus be red.  Honestly.
3092  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: April 28, 2006, 08:00:27 AM
It's only been less than a day now and I'm warming up to the name, if only because I'm tired of all the complaining about it.

And I probably should've spent last night putting up any's Secret Of The Stars maps instead of reading such drivel.  >_<

With only 12 days to E3, I'm excited that I'll get to see what the real fuss should be about...the games and how to play them.  I don't think that'll disappoint.  Smiley
3093  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: New Transformers Article on: April 28, 2006, 06:37:57 AM
I can accept the fact that they're "more angular" (though with some exceptions, I don't think most of the cartoon characters really were), but I find it odd that there's supposedly not much red on Optimus.

It may be a design idea and far from finalized, but in just about every version of non-Beast Wars Transformers, Optimus Prime has always been mostly red.  It's'd be like if Superman or Spider-Man didn't have red (Man In Black Superman and Symbiote Suit Spider-Man are exceptions for particular times, of course).
3094  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: April 27, 2006, 03:01:56 PM
"Rev's still fun to play with, even if it's now really Wii."  >_>
3095  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: April 27, 2006, 01:49:01 PM
"Want to play with my Wii?"

When pronounced with Nintendo, you get "Nintendo Wii", which actually sounds like "Nintendo-E", or if you say "NWii" it sounds like "envy", but with a W.

Very odd.

I can't say I love it, I can still say I prefer the Revolution, but hey - Nintendo's gotten a lot of press today with this controversial title.  And if the Wii is as fun to play as it is embarassing to say, no one will care about the name.

Most people call Nintendo consoles the "Nintendo" anyway.

Though it invites flaming, "PlayStation" sounds really kiddy if you think about it.  "Play station".  A station for play.  Ick.
3096  General Boards / Gaming / RE: Reaction to our April Project on: April 27, 2006, 01:25:11 PM
Odd topic you linked to.  I didn't get the point of it all.  Those posts are weird.

I never heard of "mixing bittages", but seeing as how some Capcom characters like Morrigan are reused game after game, being not that much different between generations, I don't think that's really an argument with any kind of validity.

(I like to use Morrigan in Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO despite her being the "pixellation queen".)
3097  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: April 27, 2006, 12:07:17 PM
I made a poll about it (happy, Inty?) about whether or not people here like it.

It's all about the games.  Yeah, the name doesn't give a good first impression to six-year-olds and British people who don't want to say "I'm going to play with my Wii" but it'll be their loss.
3098  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: April 27, 2006, 10:19:08 AM
If it's on the Nintendo site at all, I'm pretty sure I can't see it until I get home.

I hear the flash animation is pretty cool, though.  Sad

A lot of negativity about the name wherever I can read about it right now...but if their showing at E3 is awesome, it shouldn't matter much in the end.

English: slang for piss, sounds like "whee"/"we".

French: sounds like "yes".

German: sounds like V, Roman for 5 (as in, fifth console)

Weird, someone was talking about the Nintendo V on Revolution Report a couple days ago.  Looks like Revolution Report is going to change their name, too.
3099  General Boards / Gaming / RE: The Nintendo Wii on: April 27, 2006, 10:05:15 AM
I can't access the web page; WebSense blocks most gaming web sites at work.

If it's for real, can you post a screenshot (or a link to a screenshot) of it?

How do you pronounce that, anyway?  "Whee?"  "Why?"

I much prefer "Revolution".

EDIT: Apparently it's pronounced "we".

Revolution Report
3100  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: Someone try posting in the Maps Of The Month/Board Announcements boards. on: April 27, 2006, 08:24:49 AM
I want this fixed ASAP.  I'm probably missing more possible comments about the April Fools' project.  Sad
3101  General Boards / Gaming / RE: If you forget the space in &quot;Game Boy&quot; again I'm going to kick you. on: April 26, 2006, 04:56:17 PM
Those aren't acronyms.  Acronyms are when they actually spell a word.

Though I do have a stupid habit of referring to the GBA SP as a "Guh-basp", ie. pronouncing it as if "GBASP" were a word.
3102  General Boards / Gaming / RE: Countdown To E3 2006 on: April 26, 2006, 04:53:40 PM
What's iffy about it?

The naysayers seem to all be people who haven't tried it yet.  Just about everyone who's actually handled it loves it.  Apparently even EGM, usually a bit on the anti-Nintendo side, loves it, and has put the Revolution on the upcoming June issue (as opposed to, say, the PS3).  They warn that the scary thing about it will be the line-ups at E3.  o_0

If my hands-on impressions are worth anything, I'll likely be glad to give 'em when I get back.  I don't know how often I'll be able to log on during the week that I'll be in LA, so you may hear a lot about it before I even get a chance to write anything up.
3103  General Boards / Gaming / RE: If you forget the space in &quot;Game Boy&quot; again I'm going to kick you. on: April 26, 2006, 02:06:24 PM
It doesn't seem like a compound word to me, so if it actually was one word, I word prefer it to have "Boy" capitalized.  Like how the second half of GameCube and PlayStation are.  It should be XBox, but then I guess that de-emphasizes the UBER-EXTREME-TO-THE-MAX-AND-SO-NOT-OVERUSED "X".
3104  Main Boards / VGMaps Social Board / RE: I'm 17 today, happy birthday to me! on: April 26, 2006, 01:24:45 PM
I remember the episode ("Ladies' Night Out" or something similar, I think - I don't usually remember episode names) of War Planets/Shadow Raiders where Graveheart tries to enter a bar.  The guy at the front (presumably a bouncer) says "Sorry bud.  No miners".

Because, you know, he was a miner.
3105  General Boards / Gaming / RE: Obscure Nintendo Characters Quiz on: April 26, 2006, 11:55:17 AM
The first one is last, it looks like.

It's a classic bit of trivia.  I'm sure some of you would know it when you see it.
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