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Author Topic: NES: Spiritual Warfare (overworld finished, now the other areas)  (Read 2654 times)
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« on: October 21, 2010, 04:22:14 PM »

Being as this game has been considered a Zelda clone, I thought I would trying hacking it. Due to the way the data is compressed (an spread out in some ways), I thought the easiest way to move further in my documentation for datacrystal entries was to mark the map with the pointers. Sadly, no map existed, hence I began making my own.

Somewhere between six and eight hours later, I have finished the overworld map with screenshots, which I decided to submit here. Where the areas cross each other and would be blank on one area map actually have pointers to one of two areas. Yeah, this game uses some weird methods.

Through the use of hacking, I removed all the sprites from the screen as I went from room to room taking screen shots. I'll piece together all the other areas later. Should I go ahead and submit the individual maps of each area as well with the junk pointers? Those might be helpful for any other hackers that reference this site (I know I've used it to navigate a rom). I could also make a detailed map from this one listing heart containers, fruits, items, etc.

Here's the Overworld Map for Spiritual Warfare:
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