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Author Topic: 2009/05: Batman: Return Of The Joker (NES) - RT-55J  (Read 9006 times)
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« on: April 30, 2009, 08:47:28 PM »

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Batman: Return Of The Joker

For this month's "Maps of the Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to RT-55J's Batman: Return Of The Joker (NES) maps.

When the Joker is on the loose, it's up to Batman to save Gotham.  No matter how many times the Joker (somehow) escapes, the Caped Crusader will stop his nefarious schemes, even if he has to work his way through seven stages to do it!

Not based on a movie or television series like most Batman video games are, Sunsoft's Batman: Return Of The Joker is renowned as having some of the best graphics on the NES.  While Sunsoft's graphical detail on the NES is astounding (see the original Batman game or Blaster Master, for instance), they bragged that this 8-bit game had 16-bit graphics!  It didn't really, but it certainly put most of the NES library to shame.

RT-55J recognized this achievement and set out to immortalize NES graphics at their best.  Even the dingy sewers of Gotham look amazing.  It couldn't've been easy to map out the jetpack areas, either.

So to recognize the effort put into mapping one of the most detailed NES games ever, RT-55J's Batman: Return Of The Joker maps will be known as's Maps of the Month for May 2009.
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