Attack Of The Show! (G4TV)
Episode 69 (aired July 15, 2005)

Hosts: Kevin Pereira & Wil O'Neal


KP: All right, let's get to the meat and potatoes here. We're going to start off with an old web site, but it's a great one, and we need it today, which is why we're showing it. It's a collection of world maps from video games. And not just, like, NES games, but pretty much any platform, any game, any system... You can look at "Maps Of The Month". There are sprites out of Metroid, sprites out of [Super] Mario World...the NES section is great, let me pull it up. Yeah, let's go NES. [A] Boy And His Blob; I'm going to nominate that as our new background if that's okay. Nothing against Rosie [O'Donnell]...




WON: Come on, man.

KP: But I think it's time to replace her. I'm sorry. So I'll set that as our wallpaper, and there you go. You could literally get images from all your favourite games.

WON: Yeah, that's cool!

KP: People are making 'em. Did you ever play games back in the day, Wil?

WON: Nope, never played a video game, never in my life.

KP: The A and the B buttons? No? Not a big fan?

WON: Nope, don't like video games at all. Or technology.



KP: I'm just setting the wallpaper. [A] Boy And His Blob.

WON: Oh, I see.

KP: So if you want to suggest a better game, or a better sprite, you can see it's the entire map, like, it's the whole thing, it's all there. One giant image.

WON: But Rosie's gone now, man. And now I'm sad. I'm crying on the inside.

KP: That's okay, feel free to cry over it. We're not putting her back.