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Title: 2010/09: Metroid Fusion (GBA) - zerofighter & rocktyt
Post by: JonLeung on August 31, 2010, 08:35:40 pm
Metroid Fusion (

For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to zerofighter & rocktyt's Metroid Fusion (GBA) maps.

When revisiting SR388, the home planet of the now-extinct Metroids, a parasitic organism dubbed "X" attacks Samus.  Later, the X infection causes Samus to lose control of her ship while approaching an asteroid belt.  Though rescued by the Galactic Federation, she is given a minimal chance of survival with the X now embedded in her central nervous system.  But a vaccine made from a Metroid cell saves her life, though Samus's body is quite different, now fused with Metroid DNA.  And now she finds herself on a mission at the Biologic Space Labs research station, where the X parasite from SR388 breaks loose.  Without her Power Suit, does she have a chance?  Maybe, thanks to a computerized commanding officer that guides her way, though the CO seems familiar somehow...

Another way that you might have a chance at helping Samus is from these complete maps by zerofighter and rocktyt.  rocktyt (with some help from zerofighter) also mapped out Planet Zebes as seen in Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus's first mission in the Metroid saga.  The whole Biologic Space Labs research station is here: the Main Deck, the six sectors, and even the Restricted Zone.  Sure, the game has an auto-mapping function and a CO that walks you through the adventure.  But nothing beats good old screenshot maps (especially when you need the nitty-gritty details like where all those Energy and Missile Tanks are hiding)!

So to recognize the effort put into mapping the final chapter in the Metroid saga, zerofighter & rocktyt's Metroid Fusion maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for September 2010.
Title: Re: 2010/09: Metroid Fusion (GBA) - zerofighter & rocktyt
Post by: JonLeung on August 31, 2010, 08:42:28 pm
And with that, all the 2D handheld Metroid games have now been mapped and honoured as Maps Of The Month!  (Even the fictional Metroid Dread (!)  Well, then again, maybe Metroid Prime Pinball is mappable, hmmm...

Originally I was going to use this image ( as the thumbnail but some might consider it spoileriffic...
Title: Re: 2010/09: Metroid Fusion (GBA) - zerofighter & rocktyt
Post by: Peardian on August 31, 2010, 08:59:00 pm
I've always felt bad for purposefully missing out on this game for a silly reason (the whole DNA-infusion-meaning-Samus-is-forever-changed thing), but maybe these maps will help inspire me to pick it up.

Fantastic job on the maps. I'll be sure to turn to them when I need help.
Title: Re: 2010/09: Metroid Fusion (GBA) - zerofighter & rocktyt
Post by: TerraEsperZ on August 31, 2010, 09:17:42 pm
This was one of the first GBA game I tried mapping after the three Castlevanias but it became too difficult to remove the background at the time (it would be much easier now that Visualboy Advance has the option to change the background colour). I started again with it but I quickly got tired of re-doing a whole bunch of stuff I had already done years before. I remember having plans to try and capture every area in every possible state using some cheat codes like Sector 2 (TRO) with and without the vines and Sector 5 (ARC) before and after Nightmare's rampage too. At least someone got to do it and did it well so congratulations to zerofighter & rocktyt!