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Title: Exile
Post by: Will on August 13, 2011, 07:49:05 am
Spiderweb Software's collection of RPG games are fascinating. I am working the game Exile, which is a predecessor of the Avernum series and soon to be remade yet again. Exile used to have different graphics, which in my opinion was more colourful and better looking than the rusty colour scheme used in the latest versions.

I'll be sending a list of towns and dungeons. The list will be in alphabetical order of course. To position the enemies in their original positions I have used both the spells Magic Map and Detect Life. In addition I'm indicating the statues that talk and the items that are found in crates, bookshelves and barrels. Wish me luck on that project.  
Title: Re: Exile
Post by: Will on August 14, 2011, 01:59:54 pm
Now I have discovered something that puts me in a dilemma. There are two versions of Exile. The older version has a lesser colours, with grey floors, orange-brown rocks and cartoon-styled people and monsters and this also appeals to some fans on the Spiderweb Software forum. The newer version is the one I have submitted with a rusty colour scheme, a bit more texture in some tiles plus some of the monsters and items are a bit difficult to spot in the map. I want some feedback to let me know if I should continue the new Exile or switch to the old Exile. If you've never seen the old Exile, check out the graphics on: