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Title: Games NOT Mapped or Listed
Post by: vorpal86 on March 16, 2014, 01:15:45 pm
Not a map request actually but didn't know where I should post this.

Is there a list somewhere of games not being mapped, not posted on the main site or maps for games that are not real easy to map?

I've tracked down about 5 games not showing up on the main site or the forums. Perhaps one could draw up a list of these known games. I mean, of course, leisurely speaking. I'm certain that there are countless games not known, not mapped or just plain ridiculous to deal with.

I guess I could use the one's i have on my list for starters. I've seen, however, games mapped out that were the Japanese versions of US games but the US versions weren't mapped. Of course a lot of times if it's for like NES, the games would be identical for the most part. Anyway, Thought I'd just post up here an idea to help make it easier to determine weather or not a game's been mapped yet.

Here are the 5 Games I've found


Legend of Kage
Mickey's Adventure in Numberland
Felix the Cat
Captain Skyhawk (Difficult to map!)
Demon Sword - ( Fudou Myououden J)
Title: Re: Games NOT Mapped or Listed
Post by: Trop on March 16, 2014, 09:25:51 pm
You mean a list of all games that haven't been mapped?  That's more or less ALL games.  We've only really scratched the surface as far as total games ever made go's.  And we only ever will since new games are made faster then we can map them.
Title: Re: Games NOT Mapped or Listed
Post by: vorpal86 on March 17, 2014, 05:44:49 am
Well mostly just games for systems that are old and will never have a new game come out for it commercially. Like Nes/snes ect. Unless you count any new homebrew games ect. I know there are tons of games and that list would be impossible to fulfill.

Mostly just a list of known games and it doesn't even have to be all of them. Or maybe it'd just be better to make a personal list of games someone would like to map out. It shouldn't be too hard to find out if that game is mapped or not.

At any rate. It may be just too much. Heh : )
Title: Re: Games NOT Mapped or Listed
Post by: JonLeung on March 17, 2014, 02:08:22 pm
Yes, I was wondering if it would ever be possible to map ALL the games for a single platform.  Or at least something within certain parameters, like all official North American releases.  For popular consoles like the NES and Super NES, that's still going to be a lot.  But it would be impressive.  The Virtual Boy only has 14 games, and anything less popular might not even have an emulator for them.

Pretty sure we're missing more than five games on the NES, but of the ones you've mentioned I'd like to see some Felix The Cat, as it did make it onto a cover of Nintendo Power (  It's the second-last NES game to make it on the front; I recall seeing a YouTube video supposedly compiling "all" the covers that unfortunately missed this one.

(I've said it before: if anyone wants to take on Totally Rad ( (NES), I'm most likely not going to finish that anytime soon.  (Would be nice to get screen captures of the cutscenes on there, as the surfer-speak certainly gives the game character...))

Perhaps before taking on a challenge to map ALL the games of a console, we should consider why some of the must-play/iconic/representative/popular games have not been mapped and prioritize those ones.  Like, why is Kirby's Adventure ( (NES) incomplete?  Or Donkey Kong Country ( (Super NES)?  Or Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ( (Genesis)?  There may be real technical hurdles with particular maps, but for those where there aren't, maybe no one got around to it.  Maybe a topic discussing what games ARE the most iconic and encouraging those particular games to be mapped and discussing how to overcome any hurdles might be a good idea.
Title: Re: Games NOT Mapped or Listed
Post by: vorpal86 on March 17, 2014, 04:54:48 pm
As far as Felix the Cat goes, I've been playing it some, and it seems to be fairly easy to map. The only problem with that is the timer. I'll play it some more and finish it and earn my right to play it again with Game genie codes, so maybe I can find one to disable the timer and a mega jump to make mapping easier.

I'll of course wait til Sword of Vermillion is at least almost finished. Don't wanna have tons of projects open. I'm on Vacation next week so I'll be able to get more game playing/mapping time in. We'll have to summarize the list of Iconic games and hope to get some help bringing them into a complete stage in their lives. (Like sands through the hoiurglass, so are the...) wait.. Anyway...

The only other game I can think of I left behind on the mapping front is Super Ghouls n Ghosts but I see Willmania made some more since last time I checked. Nice! That one was a mess to map with all the stage elements changing at certain points.