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Title: Map updates for the rest of December 2014 might not be as often
Post by: JonLeung on December 08, 2014, 08:00:05 AM
Just letting you guys know that updates in the next few weeks until the new year might not be as often.  Real world stuff and all.

You'll probably still see me online in the forums, it's not like I'm gone; I just won't have as much access to my own computer.

At minimum I hope to still get new submissions up about once a week, most likely on weekends.  It may still be possible to have more than one update a week, we'll see.  Some of you might not even notice, really.  For those who might, I just don't want you to panic if you guys have gotten used to the near-daily, same-day updates from the past little while.

Worst-case scenario: some maps will be a little later, there will be a big update in the new year, whatever, it's not life-or-death here.  :P