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Title: 2017/07: Magical Vacation (J) (GBA) - Tropicon & eishiya
Post by: JonLeung on June 30, 2017, 09:10:43 PM
Magical Vacation (J) (

For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to Tropicon's and eishiya's Magical Vacation (J) (GBA) maps.

School's out!  It's time to go on a vacation!  How about...a MAGICAL vacation?  Like going to Valencia Beach, where you and your summer school classmates (from a MAGICAL school) can enjoy a view of the ocean, beautiful sunsets, and a creature known as Enigma that might capture some of your friends!  Or check out the Plane Of Light, where you can check out the market at Pippurusu Town, and marvel at the wondrously cheesy La Roche Tower.  Or the Plane Of Darkness, with its way-cool Icy Island, or take a trek through Riginio Jungle.  And then there's the oh-so-welcoming Plane Of Death...maybe?  (Okay, maybe not.)

The first game by the Nintendo-owned studio Brownie Brown (now 1-Up Studios, orginally comprised of ex-Square staff) is Magical Vacation (J).  This gorgeous game is reminiscent in look to the Mana series, which they also worked on (as they did Sword Of Mana and Heroes Of Mana).  This picturesque, yet often labyrinthine game - which is also underappreciated, as it didn't see a release outside of Japan - is a great choice for recognition here.

So for taking us on a magical RPG vacation, Tropicon's and eishiya's Magical Vacation (J) (GBA) maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for July 2017.
Title: Re: 2017/07: Magical Vacation (J) - Tropicon & eishiya
Post by: JonLeung on July 22, 2017, 10:56:50 AM
Someone just emailed me about this game.  I guess people really do notice these monthly recognitions after all!

Quote from: Fralinur8

when I was a kid I saw picture in a magazine of a really good looking GBA game before the GBA was released and it was part of the reason I wanted the thing. But I never found out what the game was and if it belonged to an even released game and now I open your site and on the top I see some pictures of "Magical Vacation" and thought "wait a second, isn't that? omg it is".
And it never left Japan, so no wonder I never found it.
And there is an English language patch for it.
And it's kinda connected to Secret of Mana, no wonder I liked the look!

Thanks for "telling" me!