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Title: Mechwarrior 3050 (SNES) aka Battletech (Genesis), Activision / Tiburon
Post by: DCYann on July 09, 2018, 03:31:13 am
Hello! Me & few friends got into speedrunning this underrated SNES/Genesis gem.
Will probably even make a section for it on
Maps you make here are awesome! Would love to have them for the routing & guides.
For a quick preview of how the game looks: (

Theres only 5 missions (maps)

M1ROG3   Infinite ammunition
MKWFLL   Invincibility
BMBRMN   Unlock Mission 1
65C816   Unlock Mission 2
B1GBND   Unlock Mission 3
FSPRNG   Unlock Mission 4
YHWX11    Unlock Mission 5