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Title: Nintendo Switch Online's NES / Famicom / Super NES / Super Famicom layout
Post by: JonLeung on May 22, 2020, 03:30:56 pm
Here are the retro games of the Nintendo Swtich Online service as of May 20, arranged in my layout which I think is ideal.

Each row fills up to the end (some numbers of items, like three NES games, leave a space at the end), and the order is the same between the North American and Japanese versions.

Exclusives are at the bottom - the Famicom has two rows (and also a Special/SP version of NES Open Tournament Golf that North Americans didn't get for some reason), the NES and Super NES have one row each, and at this time the Super Famicom does not - which is weird considering how many exclusive games Japan got (I would know since I'm still partway reviewing books on that subject for my "JonLeung1" YouTube channel (

What do you think of the order I put them in?  Do you agree with my layout, or how do you do it?

(Click on the images to enlarge.)



Super Famicom:

Super NES: