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Title: 800 000 hits!
Post by: JonLeung on September 12, 2007, 06:39:37 am
4/5ths of the way to a million.  Happened yesterday, actually.

I'm sure KingKuros would've pointed it out if I hadn't, though I have less excitement for each inevitable "milestone" that doesn't add another digit, ie. it's the millionth that is a deal.

I guess I just want more hits in general.  I had a dream that last night I checked again and it was at 9 800 000 hits, that somewhere someone managed to spread the word to 9 million more people.  Yeah, right.  And I woke up believing it for a couple minutes.  Then we might be celebrating the 10 000 000th hit today.  o_0

Perhaps when I get around to making the new front-page "feature" images and actually do a few things I have kind of in the pipeline, more people will come here more often...

(Oh, and for those of you that are wondering, I often still uses spaces to separate thousands digits.  See, we were taught that Canadians use spaces while Americans use commas, and also that Canadian dollar signs have one vertical line through the S and American dollar signs have two, but maybe I should abandon those conventions as it seems like most Canadians have given in to what they more commonly see than what they learned in elementary school, which may not even be true anymore anyway.  >_>)
Title: RE: 800 000 hits!
Post by: Maxim on September 12, 2007, 08:55:20 am
I prefer to celebrate powers of two for my site hits, they have much more geek significance. Well, they'd have even more if my counter was less picky (it doesn't count multiple page views as multiple visits) and wasn't in AdBlock's list... but regardless, I'm looking forward to the little inaccurate number reaching 262144. At 60 per day, it's going to be a while...
Title: RE: 800 000 hits!
Post by: DarkWolf on September 12, 2007, 02:31:18 pm
It used to be that this site would run out of its alloted bandwidth towards the end of the month.  IIRC Jon bought or asked for more.
Title: RE: 800 000 hits!
Post by: JonLeung on September 12, 2007, 04:40:16 pm
I think what had happened was that it would run out close enough to the end of the month that I could ask for the site to be restored and they did a few times with no hassle.  But after asking too many times they seemed to have just given up on even restricting my site that they just turned off the monitoring of my bandwidth altogether.

That's my guess, anyway.  I'm sure I use up more and more bandwidth as time passes yet the control panel says I use up 0 bytes each month.  Which I'm sure I don't...
Title: RE: 800 000 hits!
Post by: bustin98 on September 12, 2007, 10:10:28 pm
Something that might have contributed to the over the bandwidth problem is the uploading of all the maps as well as people downloading them?

BTW - my keyboard only has a single line for the dollar sign. :p

Actually, I don't recall being 'taught' to use the dollar sign in a particular manner. The commas is another story. And I think it makes sense in several context instances. Using spaces to indicate thousands would just be confusing.


Cool beans
Title: RE: 800 000 hits!
Post by: Maxim on September 13, 2007, 01:43:05 am
Spaces are unambiguous. Over in Yoo-Rop they might sell you something for ?1.2345,56 and then what would you do? What if it just said ?1.234?
Title: RE: 800 000 hits!
Post by: KingKuros on September 14, 2007, 05:21:39 pm
I haven't been around much lately to notice it, but anyway, congratulations. Here's to 900,000 hits and eventually, 1,000,000!