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Title: 9000th map!
Post by: JonLeung on March 01, 2008, 08:54:17 pm
Well, Zeric did it!  (...reminds me of the third-last line of the second-last episode of the original animated Transformers..."Zarak did it!" :P)

The 9000th map is - and I'm not even joking - Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. - World 8-4!  The original Bowser's Castle puts us at 9000!

Okay, okay, I did have a lot of submissions this week.  When I saw that I had 32 maps to go, and that there were exactly 32 maps of SMAS:SMB, I kind of had Zeric's submissions jump the queue.  :P

The next map I'll put up will put our number of maps at...well, we'll let Vegeta say it...

EDIT: Because it was a single map, which I thought would be quicker to do, I decided to put up Geminiman's Flame Mammoth stage map from Mega Man now we're over 9000!  And the rest of Super Mario All-Stars is up now too.  :)