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Title: Update glitches
Post by: Will on June 28, 2008, 10:49:13 PM
I hope this is a bit helpful, as I noticed there are a couple of glitches in yesterday's update. Firstly the subtitle for Level 8 - Tizoc's tomb has accidently been subtitled Level 7 - Tizoc's tomb in the SMS game Montezuma's Revenge. And secondly Puzzle Bobble 4 isn't a Neo-Geo game, you see Taito wanted Puzzle Bobble 3 & 4 to be independent from SNK Corp's console, so it must be moved to the arcade section.
Title: RE: Update glitches
Post by: JonLeung on June 29, 2008, 07:10:53 AM
Hey, I can make mistakes too...  >_<  These are human "glitches".  Figures, and I was wondering about Puzzle Bobble 4...but in my haste put it up incorrectly.

But don't take my ">_<" as frustration, I'm glad someone pointed those out.

There were some other things no one mentioned that were wrong for a whole week.  I misspelled "Castlevania" last week ("Catlevania" without the S), and when I was doing some mass replace-this-bit-of-code-with-this-better-bit-of-code to shrink some of the more massive HTMLs, I successfully shrank the NES page by quite a bit, but for some reason the spaces before links got messed up, so every Map Of The Month link and external link looked squashed against the word before it.  >_<  I did that with other pages too, but haven't seen any oddities like that, but if you do, let me know.

One of these days I'll have to get around to doing the mass replacing of "CastleVania" with "Castlevania", but I still can't get over why they have to emphasize the "V" in the early games. Maybe I could keep it as "CastleVania" for those but for all the later games call it "Castlevania". Same with the Mega Man's clearly two words in the early games but in all the later ones, including the later X games, the Xtreme games, the Battle Network games, the Zero games, and the ZX games go for one word. So I might have to change those to "Megaman". I hate when they change something like that part way. Which is why I've been insistent on the capital V and the two-word Mega Man, if anyone was wondering - force of habit and insistence on consistency. But when I'm wrong, I'm wrong...

Oh, then there's "Breakers" for the Neo-Geo.  The title looks like "Breaker's", but anyone who paid attention in elementary knows that it's incorrect to pluralize with an apostrophe.  And yet, the sequel is "Breaker's Revenge", and they use the same graphic for the word "Breaker's".  WTF, it looks like it could be a possessive apostrophe now.  Though it should be "Breakers' Revenge", if by the first title I'm to assume that "Breaker" isn't a person.  Then there's "8 Eye's" for the NES...

Now look what you started.  >_<  Actually, I guess I got myself started...
Title: RE: Update glitches
Post by: Will on June 29, 2008, 12:06:53 PM
You don't need to feel a solo at making mistakes. You and other people, may or may not have noticed certain graphical mistakes in my maps, which I did notice and that was why I sent remakes to you. Let us settle those mistakes with a more comforting technique title called subediting. Normally subediting is in the process of correcting mistakes in books and newspapers, but I think its acceptable here. I would never want to sound critical in pointing out mistakes nor should I be offended if anyone else pointed out mistakes. This is why I like discussing when some maps are in progress. You are doing fine at the rate your going Jon, I am happy.