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Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: June 02, 2014, 07:34:57 am »
New project: Yume Nikki (J)

This is a dark japanese developed indie game where you explore this girl's dreams. There are all kinds of surreal and disturbing features of the dream world. These maps will become pretty useful if you ever get lost somewhere. The maps will also give information of the place you may not know of before. I know there are all kinds of maps in the Yume Nikki wiki, but I'm redoing them by hand using the screenshot method. I don't want to be submitting maps I didn't make to the map resource. There are already 12 maps up which can be accessed in the first post.

In other words, I plan to stop with the Wii and Wii U projects because I'm going to find them too hard. I'll just stick to games with simple maps, for the most part.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects + Planned
« on: January 03, 2014, 04:52:24 pm »
A few updates to my map projects:

Progress for BIT.TRIP RUNNER is going slow because it's past christmas and I'm messing around with my new games that I've always wanted.

I got a Wii U for Christmas so I can start the Wii and Wii U titles whenever.

New games have been added to my list of planned projects, these include games which I was thinking of mapping for a while and also games that I recently bought on this holiday break.

Now that I have a Wii U. I can continue the maps for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. It's been a while since I did the first map for that game. It's going to take about a few weeks before I can familiarize myself with the game and the way I did my maps.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects + Planned
« on: November 21, 2013, 08:26:19 pm »
The Wonderland project is finished!

Return to Wonderland is going to be even more larger as it has almost twice as much maps as the first Wonderland! I will start Return to Wonderland once I'm back into shape with my texture ripping and tiling map tricks.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects + Planned
« on: November 16, 2013, 10:02:12 pm »
New project: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (Wii, PC, 3DS)

Another map project of a popular indie title. For some reason, I didn't have this in mind when filling in the planned project list. This will be an originally drawn project. The maps are quite easy to draw because the terrain and stuff are repeated many times. I've already finished the first map and it's looking good!

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects + Planned
« on: November 15, 2013, 02:10:29 pm »
Links to Wonderland and The Crystal Key have been up for more than a day. Also, I've been working hard on the Wonderland project right now. In a week, I've mapped more than half of the game's 90 maps. I really like this project!

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects + Planned
« on: November 10, 2013, 08:10:05 pm »
Added the list of my planned projects to do in the future. Take a look! If somebody else has some games on my list as their map projects before me, I'll remove those games from my list.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: November 08, 2013, 12:02:04 pm »
I've finished the map project for The Crystal Key a few days ago. They should be up in a few days.

New project: Wonderland (PC)

Yes, it's another PC game :) For this project, I'm going to perform another technicality, but not as big as Speedy Eggbert. The project is going to be a ripped one and the game IS 3D.

So how am I going to do this? Well It's a bit like Peardian's trick to mapping 3D games (I love his maps BTW). The game is made up of 2D tiles which render 3D models when loaded. I use two programs called Dragon Unpacker, used to collect files from game .dat files, and Tiled, an image creator of tiled maps. I first gather the game's textures with Dragon Unpacker and once I have the textures for the map, I open Tiled and replicate the maps with the ripped textures as the tileset. For the 3D models on the map, they could be a bit tricky.  I gather the textures of the models and then edit them with an image editor so that they appear as if the model is in top view.

And if this project wasn't enough. I can also map Wonderland's other two games after - Return to Wonderland and Wonderland Secret Worlds. Both have many more maps than Wonderland!

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: November 06, 2013, 10:31:21 am »
I've decided to cancel the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater map project because it's not a ripped one and drawing the maps according to my sample will be harder than I think. I also haven't been working on it for months because I didn't find it quite fun. So goodbye.

And a Crystal Key update: A few days ago I was thinking that the ripped maps may be a bit confusing. So I'm going to draw original versions of the maps to go with them. I'm doing this for clarification. So that means the number of maps has been doubled for the project.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: October 31, 2013, 11:04:26 am »
Since I'm a bit tired of Speedy Eggbert mapping right now, I'm not going to do Speedy Eggbert 2 yet. Instead I'll have a new, much more easier, project. It's a project for yet another PC game "The Crystal Key". This game is an exploration one that is all created with panoramic views and videos. There is a panoramic view for each spot of the world and clicking on a hotspot plays a video of first-person walking to another part of the area which, when ended, brings up another panorama.

I just have to do five somewhat large maps of the project. Maps are made up of screenshots from the panoramas and lines are connected to the screenshots to show panorama spots where you can go to. I will also add notes to how to complete the game. However, not all the detail from the game can be displayed since ripping the whole panoramas can be hard and also could make the map look a bit off. Well here I go

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: October 24, 2013, 06:27:48 pm »
I've just finished the last multiplayer map. Based on how the unplayable demos maps were designed, I'm not going to do them. So I guess that's it for the project. I'm done!

I forgot to mention how I mapped Speedy Eggbert. It's really complex. To start mapping the game, it all works with the game's level editor. But all the regular levels were inaccessible to edit from the level editor. A long time ago I discovered this hack to edit the hubs and levels to make my own Speedy Eggbert game. It all works with hacking a save file by typing random characters on notepad. Now that I can access the levels with the hack, I need to get rid of anything that is not necessary for mapping. They are the backgrounds since they have depth, the editor buttons, and a few annoying block sprites. Once all that is cleared off, I start mapping. I take screenshots of every area of the map. Many maps have large unnecessary space and that's why they are replaced with black space on the end result. Once screenshots have been attached to show an entire map on MS Paint, I then apply the background by retrieving the background sprite from a game file, tiling it so that it's the same size than the map, and copy-paste the map onto the tiled background. While mapping. The background of all screenshots are one solid color and the whole map is set to transparent when adding the background. Once that's done, I've finished the map.  8)

And this is going to be the most technical map process I will ever do. And it's not over yet. I'm going to start mapping Speedy Eggbert 2 after a while!

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: October 22, 2013, 06:11:31 pm »
Well after a few weeks, I've finally finished mapping all the Single Player maps of Speedy Eggbert. The final level was really huge as it took me about four hours to rip. All the hard stuff about this map project is cleared off. Now I'll just relax on mapping the smaller 10 multiplayer maps and the 7 unplayable demo maps. I should have the project finished in under a week.  8)

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: October 08, 2013, 02:48:48 pm »
The Speedy Eggbert link is up. Check the first post. It should've been up a week ago but I had problems with the map size since most of the maps are huge. Now there will be new maps posted every few days since I made more than twenty at this point. I'm making really good progress here.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: September 26, 2013, 11:36:17 am »
Yikes, that huge!

I forgot to mention that those listed wii games were going to be original maps. I know ripped is cooler so that's why I'm going full speed on the Speedy Eggbert Project. Once I finish the project, it's not over yet because I'll start mapping its sequel "Speedy Eggbert II". So more piles of ripping madness for me  8)

I also forgot to mention that the name "Speedy Eggbert" is the alternate name for "Speedy Blupi" which is the original game's name. It was called Blupi when the game was released but then its game publisher "eGames" renamed it to Eggbert for some reason. I just call it Eggbert because most players use that name alot. As for mapping, I've added legends to the maps now so that everyone knows whats going on.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: September 24, 2013, 12:48:33 pm »
Unfortunately, my Wii stopped reading discs. It's a really really old wii. So I cannot continue the Spyro's Adventure project until I get a Wii U. I was also going to have my Wii for future projects whenever I'm ready to make them. They include:

- Donkey Kong Country Returns
- Skylanders: Giants
- Super Smash Bros Brawl
- Mario Kart Wii
- Super Mario Galaxy

So you won't be seeing them for a few months or more.

Anyway, to replace the Spyro's Adventure project for now, I'm going to come back to my nearly-two-year-old Speedy Eggbert project. I'm going to start over because the maps look a bit weird, with ugly numbered squares and overlapping piles of blocks. I had those overlapping blocks because the way it was designed had space and I wanted to try and make it better. But this time I'm going to rip maps so that they appear as the exact design from the editor. Also remove all numbered squares and instead make path lines on the maps showing where moving objects move. Levels have four different map types: Large (100x100 tiles), Horizontal (100x7.5), Vertical (10x100), and Tiny (10x7.5). When ripping maps, any useless space that is adjacent to the whole map's edges will be removed.

Maps In Progress / Re: Technos' Map Projects
« on: September 08, 2013, 08:34:44 pm »
Well after hiatus due to other things taking over, I finally got to starting the Spyro's Adventure project. I already have one map done which took HOURS to make. But that's okay, I had to get used to the SSA map making routine. I also was making many small images as legend stuff. I'll upload the first four maps to the atlas once I finish the fourth one.

This is how this map project is going to work: There are 22 story maps at regular length. There are four extra story maps which can be played by placing adventure toys on the portal. There are 32 "heroic challenge" maps which are unlockable by adding new skylanders to the collection. The heroic challenges should be very easy because they use maps from the story chapters. Also, there are a few short battle arena maps which I didn't see yet. I don't know the correct number of maps since I didn't see the battle arenas, but there will be over 60.

The original 22 story maps I can do, but the four adventure toy chapters I can't seem to do because I don't have any of the adventure toys. As for heroic challenges, I only have 14 of the 32 Spyro's Adventure skylanders so I can do 14 heroic challenge maps. However, it may not be impossible to do the maps with insufficient requirments. I can always work on maps from a walkthrough video, but there are a few chances it may be harder to draw the map.

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