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Map Gab / Alisia Dragoon maps and secrets
« on: August 23, 2023, 04:30:09 pm »
Hello !  ;)
I had the good surprise to discover maps for Alisia Dragoon.
Thank very much for that, G.E.R.

I think it could be very interesting to add all the secret areas and bonuses.
For example, there are lot of them in the first temple. For now, the area remains blank on the map.

Thank you again for publishing theses maps !  :)

I decided to make mini-maps for all the game using G.E.R.'s maps! :-)
(except for the yellow boxes, which are additions of my own to indicate missing secret passages)

It is very simple :
  • light pink circle is a bonus already on the maps
  • yellow circle is a bonus that could be added on the maps
You have to walk right next to the hidden bonuses for them to appear.

Stage 1 Temple

Stage 2 Swamp

Stage 3 Zeppelin

Stage 4 Mountain

Stage 5 Caves

Stage 6 Spaceship

Stage 7 Palace

Rank List
It is displayed at the end of the game.  The columns show what you've used most often (Alisia Thunder = left column or companion power = right column).

source :

While playing to check the secrets, the game gave me the rank « Thunder Unicorn » Thunder Pawa ! That was nice ! ;)

While I was doing the tests, I used two codes of invicibility for Alisia (the first one) and her companions (the second one), if anyone is interested :
0013FA:4E75 and 0010CA:6002

Hello everyone !  :)

Today, I discovered an interesting feature to make maps in 4 Wonder Boy games in a compilation named Wonder Boy Anniversary Digital Edition for Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation 4:
  • Wonder Boy
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land
  • Wonder Boy in Monster World
  • Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World
An official video shows how it works and you can zoom on the maps that are perfect snapshots of the game:

screen from the video here :

It is a very fast way to make maps for Asha in Monster World since there is nothing for this game today;)

We still have to be sure the feature is available for this game because the video shows it only for Wonder boy in Monster World...
If someone can confirm the map feature is available for Asha in Monster World, it would be great !  8)

Maybe we can already run it on a Wii emulator after purchasing the game... Anyway, sooner or later, it may be a great way to make maps for this game !  ;)

Mapping Tips/Guides / tips for taking good screenshots
« on: March 05, 2021, 07:08:19 am »
Hello everyone!  :)

Here is a very interesting guide done by the tcrf team to take screenshots. It gives advice on all known consoles and emulators. 8)
  • choice of emulator
  • traps to avoid (such as bad colors, resolution, formats)
  • useful tips

Map Gab / Shantae maps on Game Boy Color
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:34:24 pm »
Hello everyone! ^^
This week, ***ALL*** maps of Shantae are now online!

I would like to thank all the people who have supported me with these maps and especially those who have produced wonderful tools and resources to do so:
I would also like to thank Shantae Fandom who:
  • gave me the idea to make cartoon bubble to explain how to get secret items.
  • made me discover a great overworld map that I used to display all the names of the levels
Discover the overworld map here:

And here is one of the maps.

click here for all the maps:

Shantae is the last of a small list that was particularly close to my heart.
It was great to relive a different experience on a whole set of old games I made on cartridge so long ago, this time discovering all the secrets, tricks and complete views thanks to the product maps.

Enjoy! Have fun! ^^  :)

Hello everyone!  :)
Click in the picture to enlarge to help you find out what is your your favorite part of the day! ^^
You can also change your answer at anytime if needed.

I am just curious, so please tell me by voting above! ^^

Map Gab / Ecco the Dolphin 1, 2 & Jr.
« on: January 12, 2021, 10:28:59 am »
Hello everyone! ^^
This week, I will submit ***ALL*** the maps for the 3 Ecco games. I'm fast, eh? ^^ Vgmap speedrun pawa!
So, there is an explanation!  ;)

I was making maps for Ecco (the sonar maps for Ecco1 and the password map for Ecco Jr.)
Then, I discovered a super website with all backgrounds and foregrounds of the 3 Ecco games.
I was so happy that I went to thank the author for his work.
I entrusted him with my ongoing work on the Ecco the Dolphin sonar maps
while he offered to add all the remaining maps here!  8)

The name Ecco The Dolphin Online Community is because Arkonviox prefers to be published this way :)
It refers to a magnificent website for all Ecco fans:

All the level maps were produced in no time thanks to all the existing material available on this website:
  • I made a fusion between foregrounds and backgrounds (for example, the scrolling of the background in Ecco 2 is 75% while the foreground is 100%. There were adjustments to be made in terms of size and horizontal/vertical centering)
  • I created transparency effects for the water tubes in Ecco 2
  • I also modified the appearance of the seas in Ecco 1 by retrieving the prettiest elements between the megadrive and PC versions
It is really nothing compared to the work made by Arkonviox  and  EccoTheDolphin.Online communauty!
I also decided to add the link of their website in the sonar maps that I made 100% myself,  to thank them for everything.  :)

And yes, it will be available in a few days here ! Here is the preview:

Ecco the Dolphin maps by EccoTheDolphin.Online communauty

Ecco the Dolphin sonar maps by Cleeem

click here for all the maps:

Ecco the Tides of Time maps by EccoTheDolphin.Online communauty

Ecco the Tides of Time sonar maps by EccoTheDolphin.Online communauty

click here for all the maps:

Ecco Jr. maps by EccoTheDolphin.Online communauty

click here for all the maps:

You can say hello to Arkonviox and the communauty in the discord website. They will be very happy!  :)

Hello !  :)
here are some great links to open your imagination about what super maps could be ...

All Snes Donkey Kong Country 1/2/3 games

For french readers, here is another double gift!
Terranigma french maps
Secret of Evermore french maps

So incredible ... Let's choose one map of DKC Serie at least!  8) :o :P

Gaming / Super info on Old School Action RPG
« on: July 15, 2020, 04:04:34 am »
Hello hello ! ^^ :)
I told myself it would be cool to share another works from me on the web, beyond maps.  ;)

Illusion of Time
in a video made with my friend Satanos and english subtitles (just activate them):
in pictures:

in pictures:

Secret of Mana
in pictures with partial english text in italic:

Legend of Mana
in pictures:

Final Fantasy Adventure
in colors in the embedded pdf:

Edit & Update: now in english version here:

Wonder boy Serie
in pictures:

Do not hesitate to share links with people who may have an interest to discover these games in depth. 8)

Map Gab / Equinox SNES maps
« on: June 26, 2020, 11:40:24 am »
Hello there! French user and first message on the forum for me ! ^^
I was planning to give all the maps of Equinox here at vgmaps.

What has been done yet (EDIT: now finished):
  • worlds 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8
  • general world map art

You can find all of the maps here:

1. Galadonia (butterfly > Pieces from Crusader of Centy on Sega Genesis)  8)

2. Tori (hat > life from Solstice on NES)  :P

3. Deeso (dog > antique dog from Secret of Evermore on Snes)  ;D

4. Atlena (spiral > teleporter from Chrono Trigger on Snes)  :o

5. Quagmire (tadpole/frog > Winkly from Donkey Kong Country on Super Nes)  ::)

6. Afralona (Jumpman > Mario from Super Mario Bros. on NES)  :-*

7. Ghost Ship (ship > Ghost ship from Equinox on Snes)  ???

8. Ice Palace (cross > stone cross from Equinox Snes)  :)

Equinox has fascinated me [...]
eventually, someone else will end up mapping it instead.

Yes!  ;)
So, dear TerraEsperZ,

If you would like to work on the project and have a limited time, maybe you would be happy to do the general world map and put ... the items on the maps (it you like to do it one day!).  ;)
Whatever, you will be free to use my work ! ^^

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