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Mapping Tips/Guides / Need help emulating Famicom Disk System
« on: June 14, 2012, 01:09:56 pm »
I'm deciding to rip maps from a Famicom Disk System game but I need help.  I have the FDS ROM and the "disk" of the game but I don't how to get them to work on the FCE Ultra emulator.  I keep on getting an error message from the FDS ROM for not finding a disc and I'm stuck there.  Can someone tell me how to work it?

And if you must know, the game I want to rip is the disc version of Super Mario Bros.  Why?  Because the Famicom Disk System has a Minus World totally different from the cartridge version and I want to rip those (getting to the Minus World on the FDS version is exactly the same as the cartridge version).

So can anyone help me?

Gaming / Nintendo 3DS: More than 30% off or 20 Free eShop Games!!
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:45:11 pm »
If I sound like I'm advertising, I'm sorry: I'm trying to make this as news.

Due to Nintendo's low sales on the 3DS (like lack of good games and weak launch for both store and digital content) as well as other reasons, Nintendo, worldwide, will officially drop more than 30% off the original price ($169.99 in America, $249.96 in Australia, & £160/€180 in Europe) starting August 12th this year.

But if you have purchased a 3DS before August 12 (and have connected to the eShop), you'll get a treat as well: you'll be able to download twenty (yes, you've read that correctly) NES and GameBoy Advance games for absolutely free!  You won't get the games instantly: they'll come later:

NES Games (Available September 1)
* Super Mario Bros.
* Donkey Kong Jr.
* Balloon Fight
* Ice Climber
* The Legend of Zelda
* 5 more NES games (all are unknown at this time)

GameBoy Advance games (Available by the end of 2011)
* Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
* Mario Kart: Super Circuit
* Metroid Fusion
* WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$
* Mario vs. Donkey Kong
* 5 more GBA games (all are unknown at this time)

Remember, the qualification is you must have a 3DS and have connected to eShop before August 12.

But wow, this is a stunt I would have never expected Nintendo to do, not even in a million years!  I can't wait for my 20 free games!  ;D


Gaming / The "Project Cafe" (Wii Successor) Rumor Topic
« on: April 15, 2011, 06:37:06 pm »
EDIT:  Now the Wii Successor is codenamed by IGN as "Project Cafe."  Sound pretty weird to me

I've been surfing the web and I'm seeing rumors of the Wii 2 everywhere.  I've been collecting all rumors since the rumors just don't seem to stop all.  So take a truck load of salt and here are all the rumors (No particular order):

- console is significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
- Nintendo is looking to recapture the hardcore market
- 1080p resolutions
- Nintendo will release a pre-announcement this month
- full reveal expected at E3
- backwards compatible with current Wii software
- publishers who got to see it are very interested working on it
- Nintendo insists to show stronger partnerships with 3rd party developers
- anonymous source: says it is not a gimmick like the Wii
- the rumors that the Wii's price is getting cut again hints the end of the Wii
- official E3 twitter hints this
- late 2012 launch
- when Nintendo was approached with this information, they were told that Nintendo won't comment on their E3 plans, but "stay tuned"
- launch titles from third-party developers are in the works right now
- all-new controller
- controller features a built-in HD screen
- Blu-ray as the main optical drive
- some are saying 2012 would be too late for the console to be released since the Wii's sales are sinking
- dual analog sticks on the controller
- can stream game content from the console (no word if content is full games, mini-games, or apps)
- there are rumors that the company AMD could be involved
- new Nintendo controller allows players to stream entire games to the device from the console - like a miniature television
- reason why Sony and Microsoft haven't said any new system is because they want Kinect and Move longer so they're stalling
- the screen size on the controller is also confirmed to be six inches in size
- the controller mirrors a GameCube controller in general function but not in specific form

What do you think of all this?  Note that these rumors have come multiple places and doesn't mean it's "all or nothing."

Places the rumors are coming from: IGN, Game Informer, NeoGaf and

Great site for the Rumors:

Map Requests / Giana Sisters DS (Nintendo DS)
« on: September 23, 2010, 03:15:46 pm »
I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of the Commodore 64 game "The Great Giana Sisters".  If not, back in 1987, some German company named Rainbow Arts made this game but was removed very quickly off the shelves after Nintendo sued the company for plagiarizing the classic "Super Mario Bros."  

To my surprise in 2009, a sequel to the game called "Giana Sisters DS" (still plays like a SMB game) was released but was sold in Europe for a short time, thus being hard to track down (but you can still get this since it has been ported to the iPhone and iPod Touch titled "Giana Sisters iPhone")

I'm planning to rip the original Giana Sisters game (whenever I get to it), but there is no way I'll have the time (or the experience) to rip a DS game with 84 levels.  Is there anybody wanting to rip this please?  I mean, the game is only 6 MB so it won't be hard to rip compared to New Super Mario Bros.  If you do accept this request, I can give you a game save (played on an R4DS) where the first file has been completed 100% that you can go back to any level any time (but still make a new file since there is an intro level that can ONLY be played when you start a new file).

So who's up for it?

I'm currently ripping a GameBoy Color game called Balloon Fight GB and I'm needing help putting in the enemies and objects on the map.  What I'm trying to do is rip the maps and have all enemies and objects in the areas you meet them.  But I'm having trouble find the exact spot for those since everything is moving around the screen, the game does auto-scrolling only levels, and that the game screen doesn't show everything (the area of the screen is a 160x128 pixel area and the levels are 224 pixels tall.)  Not to mention I have to use a totally different emulator in order for me to rip the game's multiplayer level that goes by the same rules as above.

What is the best way to handle this?

Gaming / Super Mario World (NES Pirate) Overworld Map
« on: May 12, 2010, 05:48:59 pm »
I ripped this two years ago where I tried to submit it to MFGG (it got "half-declined," btw.)  I don't want this to completely go to waste so I'm showing it here.  Don't expect this to be submitted to VGMap's main site because I know Jon doesn't accept pirated game.

Fact: There are two know version of this pirate: one that stops at the 4th fortress and one that plays the whole game. (guess which one I ripped, lol)  Surprisingly, the full version is harder to find than the incomplete version.  So what do ya think of the map?

Gaming / Anyone got a favorite puzzle game?
« on: May 02, 2010, 08:18:08 pm »
There are a lot of puzzle games out there.  But are there any that you absolutely love?  Just name your most fav puzzle game(s).  It can be any game, from Tetris, to Professor Layton, even to Portal: just any game that gets that noodle of yours thinking.  Here's mine (yes, I'm kinda old skool):

- Dr. Mario series.  Best of series: tie between Dr. Mario 64 and Dr. Mario Online RX.
- Puyo Puyo series.  Best of series: Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary (DS)
- Tetris Attack/Puzzle League
- WarioWare games
- Luxor 2

You guys?

When on get on this forums, my anti virus program keeps making a pop-up saying there is a virus threat called "HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus."  I tell it to delete it but when I click on another section of the forums, that same warning message comes up.  Is this just me or is it happening to someone else as well?

Map Gab / Super Mario Bros. Special (Sharp X1)
« on: March 05, 2010, 12:27:07 pm »
That's right, I'm doing the Super Mario Bros. game that almost nobody knows about: "Super Mario Bros. Special" for the Sharp X1.  It's a game made by Hudson Soft sometime between SMB1 and SMB: The Lost Levels.  It has 32 completely original levels, enemies from Donkey Kong arcade and Mario Bros. arcade, plus the DK Hammer and 4 exclusive items.  Anywho, here is the first level:

This is the only one I've done now, so right now I'm 3.1% finished.  The game is also on a console called the NEC PC-8801, but there is a good reason I'm choosing the Sharp X1 version (note that the NES style is FAN MADE!  NOT RIPPED!):

Wish me luck guys!  :P

« on: October 01, 2009, 10:26:18 am »
Tuesday, Nintendo made an update for ALL countries which was made to delete and block homebrew off your Wii (example: the Homebrew Channel). However, the update did back fire badly. There now has been mulitiple reports that people's Wiis after the update won't start up or read discs at all (aka: a Bricked Wii) EVEN IF THEIR WII HAS NEVER BEEN MODDED.


Hopefully there will be a solution to this.

Um yeah, I want to rips maps from the little known game called "Super Mario Bros. Special" for the NEC PC-8801.  However, that will be tough to do since the game doesn't have a pause button, the game doesn't save, and the emulator has no save statue feature.  So any ideas on how I can successfully rips the maps?


Games I'd like to rip:

The Great Giana Sisters (Commodore 64) - Super Mario Bros. Special (NEC PC-8801) - Balloon Fight GB (Gameboy Color)

Well, I did rip the 1-Player mode maps of Balloon Fight, but could I rip the Balloon Trip mode of the game?  I don't know if that map goes in a loop or a very complex way and I don't know how I could rip because it has moving lightning bolts.  So is it impossible or possible?


Games I want to rip:

The Great Giana Sisters (Commodore 64) - Super Mario Bros. Special (NEC PC-8801) - Balloon Fight GB (Gameboy Color)

VGMaps Social Board / If people ripped ROM hacks,
« on: April 06, 2009, 04:40:43 pm »
I would think this would be a cool thing to see seeing maps from ROM hacks ripped.  I know that this site would never ever do this but if I could see any maps of a hack, it be the following:

Super Demo World: The Legend Continues

Mario Adventure

Pokémon Brown Version

What ROM hacks would you like to see the maps of?  Just curious


Games I'd like to rip:

The Great Giana Sisters (Commodore 64) - Super Mario Bros. Special (NEC PC-8801) - Balloon Fight GB (Gameboy Color)

Map Requests / More of an Idea than a Request
« on: February 07, 2009, 02:08:14 pm »
I thought of something that this site could do:  Why not start including maps that were not in the final production of the game but are still hidden in the game?  This includes unused maps and debug rooms.  And if you don't like the idea of having the final maps and unused maps together, there could be section on VGMaps that only deals with these kind of maps.

The only games I can think of that does have unused maps still have are "Super Mario Bros. 3" and "Super Mario World."

And before you completely reject this idea, remember this: this site already has some of these (The Minus World from "Super Mario Bros." and the Debug Room from "Super Mario RGP: Legend of the Seven Stars")

What do you think?

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