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hey everyone, working with
a friend on a new version of
gauntlet arcade, and we couldn't
find any maps, or sprites for the
arcade version..

google brought me here..


so i tried an autostitcher,
and it didn't work for me..

then i tried the tool which captures
animation frames, and that took forever..

looked into using gauntlet 4 for the genesis,
and it's close, but not quite (palette is different,
and other issues)..

so went back into using MAME, and took several
screenshots of levels..

my friend is an expert, but we used the cheats
from PUGSY's board to give infinite potions.
1) clear level of all monsters
2) go back and remove all doors
3) take screenshots
4) stitch together

we have all 125 levels mapped out
- includes all treasure levels

we are including the 'high score' maze as level 126,
and the demo play level as level 0.

i'll post them below..

- levels turn into wrap around, after 125
- WE ADJUSTED THE MAP SIZE TO 528x528 from the
  arcade size of 519x519 to make it easier to convert
  to tiles.. they are made that way for the arcade version


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