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Greetings to all the members of this wonderful community.

Although that I have been browsing this site for more than 2 years, I had never made a post in this forum.

My name is Yiorgos and I am from Greece. I am an academic researcher and my main research field is related to video game's landscape and digital representations.

My first degree was in geology and I can imagine some of the techniques that you use for mapping in videogames, but although that I searched the forums about videogame mapping and I couldnt find a complete guide for it.

I guess that you use print screen a lot, hardware emulators, some image/screenshot extractor programs, some image editing software like photoshop for the final editing of the map and some other programs that help you tile the images or classify them.

So...I was wondering if there is some other basic tools or a special methodology that you follow in order to create these beautiful pieces of digital "art".

I would love to learn more about your techniques and also help your cause by making some maps myself.

Thanks for your time.


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