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Maps In Progress / Pokemon Platinum (NDS)
« on: March 31, 2010, 05:19:22 pm »
Hey all! Remember how the 4th generation Pokemon games have been out for about four years now and NOBODY has yet found out how to map out the towns and routes and rivers and lakes and caves of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum? Well, the waiting can now begin in earnest, because while primitive, the technology is out there!

I need to make a constant map of Sinnoh for a project I'm involved in, and all current sinnoh maps just won't cut it. They're several varieties, ranging from being edited together by tiles (looks like), to other screenshot-stitched maps, to maps using completely custom tiles for more 3rd-gen style maps. Those maps don't line up; we need up to a whole overworld map of Sinnoh itself, and I aim to help with that!

The biggest downside is going to be limited in the hours I can work on the map, because of the time of day and the game's lighting... so it's likely I can only get 1-4 maps (or levels of a cave/dungeon) stitched together at once. Although Twinleaf and Route 201 are kind of rough (since I was figuring out how to do this with those), here's what I got done today... (I'll separate the routes and towns better at the end, when I'm ready to submit them to vgmaps!)

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