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Waaa~~!! Thanks JonLeung!

I see how you imagined the Hourglass Pyramid first... That idea was wonderful, but I think that what we can see now is still original. The only problem I see is that, except for the sun and moon symbols, there's no way of noticing that it has flipped. Perhaps, colouring the top and the bottom of the hourglass would have helped to recognising it. However, when you enter the dungeon, it's pretty noticeable that you're into a hourglass and that it flips! As you said, the colour of the floor helps ;)

Ah!! I also like the idea of a rounded floor! When I saw it, I though it was a good idea! And it works well ;)

Thanks for your answer ^^! I will be "exploring" these maps! Thanks!

WOW! JonLeung, I've just known about "Oracle of Hours" and I am REALLY shocked about it. Yu've worked so much! I feel that your work shouldn't be wasted. Has anybody had the idea of creating a fangame with this wonderful maps?

My favourite dungeon is the Hourglass Pyramid! The idea in incredibly awesome. And the new items... The maps are not only well-designed, but, even more difficult, they're well though! It's not easy!!

Congratulations, JonLeung!!!

PD: I've read the two topics about this game, but I'd like to know more about how you designed the game! Could you tell us more things about it!?

PD2: Now, I'm "playing" the game ^_^ hehe

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