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Map Requests / Should I? (Pokemon diamond and pearl versions)
« on: January 07, 2009, 10:46:54 am »
Yes, yes i know, the new Pokemons are 3-D, at least for the walk around portion, but would it not be useful, much less awesome to have maps for it? I would pixelate them myself, perhaps using old graphics to my advantage.

I would take me... a WHILE... cause i need to go find a rom and beat it since my DS died, but it'd be worth it.

So wadda ya say guys? yay or nay?

20+ votes with more than 50% being yay will have me post it here. If not, i'll do it anyway for my own purposes. XD

This is where tigerpanda13 posts her progress on her maps!! Yay!



Jan 07, 2009: got idea to do total maps for all Pokemon versions. because I'm awesome. Starts RBY version. post progress before sleep.

Jan 06, 2009: Joined. Love the maps.

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