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Hey guys. I bring you...

Getsu Fuuma maps!

World Map

The stage numbering convention is basically "loose suggested order",
excepting the dungeons, which are marked "D#".
I also marked the starting point, which is on the East coast of the central island.
Edit: I've redone the markers so that they obscure less of the map.
You can actually see the difference between map icons now.
I have marked the shops as "S#" in purple.
I have marked huts where you can be healed as "HH" in pink.
I have marked the huts where you receive the Devil's Passes as "P#" in blue.
The huts which only offer meaningless dialogue have not been marked.


I've ripped all the stages now. Several of the cave stages (tunnels) are the same.
For this reason, many stage numbers link to images of past stages that they are clones of.

       Dungeon 1   Dungeon 2   Dungeon 3

I'm pretty much done, and am just double-checking for errors (like being 8 pixels short of a full length map).
Having said that, I'm open to discussion about various apects of the maps.
Should the breakable walls be present in the map, or "already broken"?
Should the walls be marked as breakable or is it super obvious? (it's super obvious)
Should moving platforms be present on the map (as currently) or should they be removed/changed?
Which maps are appropriate to be included on the site?
Are overworld battle maps relevant?
Are single-screen battle arenas relevant?
How about bonus stages?
All of these extra maps will be available below for inspection and discussion.

Extra Maps

Edit Note: Decided to go with "Fuuma" as opposed to "FÅ«ma" because screw accented letters.

Mapping Tips/Guides / Re: Map organization/markers/names? Help?
« on: July 05, 2013, 09:19:50 pm »
Thanks very much for the reply!
That makes a whole lot of sense I guess.
As long as the stages are marked with an identifier on the world map,
and the stage maps are named accordingly, I guess that's all that really matters! ;D
Thanks again. :)

Hey guys, sorry I couldn't think of a clearer title for this post, but I just don't know what to do with these maps.
I've literally had most of the game ripped for months already, but I'm struggling with how to organize them, name them, and mark them (if necessary).

You see, I'm currently ripping The Legend of Getsu FÅ«ma (Getsu FÅ«ma Den) for NES, and the problems I'm having are as follows:
  • The stages can be accessed in several different orders
  • None of the stages have names
  • I have no idea what to name each stage

This makes it very hard for me to mark the overworld map, as you can see below:

It's up to the player where they want to go next, so the northern-most stage could be stage 2,
and the one below that stage 3, and the one below that stage 4, and so on, but then again,
the top stage might not be visited until much later, so for all we know, it could be stage 8!

Anyway, as you can see, that sticks me with all three of the aforementioned problems.
What order do I put the stages in? What do I name the stages? How do I mark the world map?
If anyone can help me come up with a solution, that would be wonderful. :)

Map Requests / Castlevania: Harmony of Despair - Chapters 10 and 11
« on: January 07, 2012, 12:56:50 pm »
So I'm kinda new here, but I thought I'd let you all know that I'm working on "Origins" and "The Legend of Fuma".

Firstly, I'd like you all to keep in mind that this is a work in progress,
and by no means should any of these images be considered final.
Having said that, I'd like as much C&C as you're willing to give.
Feel free to point out any problem areas that i need to correct, and so on.

Now rather than upload and post a big huge compilation, I'm going to post them as individual areas. (all the images will be compiled later)

It's interesting to note that for the most part, Konami seems to have copy/pasted
the stages from Castlevania into one bug huge level with a few changes here and there.
One major difference in all areas of the stage is the stairs, as in this example:
As you can see, the new stairs appear "fuller", and blend in with the block tiles well.
Speaking of which, all stairs also have a 2-tile thick wall behind them now.

Another big difference is that one area was flipped horizontally
(the area with the pillars and the Eagle+Fleaman),
and a couple of areas (the caves and the aforementioned are with the pillars)
have been pasted twice end to end in order to make them long enough to fill the desired space.

Also, I haven't forgotten about Fuma!
This is basically my canvas for the Legend of Fuma stage, which is very WIP.
The image is huge, just so you know.

The Fuma stage will take a great deal longer to create,
mostly because I'm still ripping the maps for the original game.
If anyone's interested, here's what Getsu Fuuma Den maps look like:

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