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Maps In Progress / RE: Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The (NES)
« on: June 27, 2006, 02:50:23 am »
By the way, I'm not posting this to submit to the site yet. I just have temporarily run out of motivation to continue, so I'm showing it off for now just for fun. :D

Maps In Progress / RE: Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The (NES)
« on: June 27, 2006, 02:22:06 am »
Hmm, I can't edit my post so I'll just add another one (sorry).

About the labels. I'm going to add labels for the items later on, and there will be two version. One without any labels and one with labels for every item PLUS labels where you should use each item. For example, near the snappy weed there will be a label saying something like:


(picture of item)

A bottle of snappy weed killer (that's the name of the item in the game)

And also I will make a version with no labels whatsoever. THAT is the reason I'm only labeling the keys at the moment in a very uninvasive way that can easily be removed later.

Maps In Progress / Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The (NES)
« on: June 27, 2006, 02:15:33 am »
Hey (first post :), I've been working on mapping this game lately and I thought I might post it on this site. I've mapped the treehouse area, the town, the pirate ship, the beach, the river rapids, the mines, the minecart ride and some other areas that have no names. I'm going to map the entire game and then try to combine each image into a humongous map of the entire game (I'm not sure if that'll be possible, though). I'm doing the original NES version, not the Aladdin cart one with 150 extra stars and some differences in map layout and item placment.

Anyway here are some pics:

Treehouse village (need to fix the star in Dozy's house, the stars rotate and it accidentally came out flat):

Mines (small section missing, will be added later when I can actually get there)

Mine cart ride:

The town:

(need to see if I can lay it out better, any thoughts?)

Pirate ship:

It appears that some sections of the maps are repeated. I will now explain why. You see, the game only scrolls horizontally, not vertically, and when you travel up a screen, sometimes elements of previous screens are presents in the next screen as well. This is only because of the level design and not because of my map. Note that both the mine and the pirate ship were mapped in exactly the same way, yet the pirate ship appears to have double sections everywhere. I've thought about putting a border where one screen ends and the next one appears, but I don't think it would look very nice.

So there you have it. Any comments?

By the way, please don't complain that I'm not doing the Genesis version (with better graphics). This is the game I played long ago and I'm doing this version damnit! :P Also I'm thinking about making a tool-assisted speedrun of the game (which is why I'm making the map in the first place) and the music in the NES version is vastly superior to the Genesis one.

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