Author Topic: Favourite C&C music tracks  (Read 8545 times)

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Favourite C&C music tracks
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:56:17 pm »
If your familiar with and like playing the Command and Conquer franchise, then perhaps you find the music tracks cool too. I have a selected favourite of tracks from the different games:

1. Act on Instinct (C&C Tiberian Dawn) - I'd play this in any fancy car.
2. Just Do It! (C&C Tiberian Dawn) - Sounds just like the music I'd play at any beach.
3. Warfare (C&C Tiberian Dawn) - Reminds me of a quad bike and motor bike cross country rally race.
4. Hell March (C&C Red Alert) - Gives a small X-men style impression.
5. Grinder (C&C Red Alert 2) - Makes me imagine the Rescue Rangers Chip and Dale with rampaging style.

I have preference to instrumentals in game music but with booming and radio transmission voices in "Grinder" and lyrics in "Just Do It!" are exceptionally good to me. Do you guys have any favourite C&C tracks of your own?