Author Topic: Leaving for France tonight ;D  (Read 8850 times)

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Leaving for France tonight ;D
« on: September 23, 2010, 11:46:37 pm »
I know I'm bragging and I'm sorry if anyone feels I'm rubbing it in their face, but I feel I've more than earned my vacation time this year! Summer has been hell at work where I repair and service office equipment like printers, PCs, scanners and the like. There was more work to do, the problems encountered were stranger and less known, we received more D.O.A. parts than ever before (a ratio of 2 out of 3 actually, which is *insane*) and more co-workers on vacation at the same time leaving me alone to handle the whole city for two whole weeks.

Well now it's over and good riddance! Let the others handle all the crap for once (they're all great people and I don't wish them anything bad, but I figured it's their turn) while I'm relaxing on the other side of the world. And hopefully, I'll manage to find the "History of Nintendo' books while over there.

Oh and JonLeung, know that I've been working on Bucky O'Hare again this week. I should be good to finish it in my third vacation week once I'm back home.
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