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C&C Maps
« on: March 16, 2011, 02:37:26 am »
While I was admiring the large collection of Command and Conquer maps (which almost completes the First Decade set with the exception of Generals and its expansion pack Zero Hour) I noticed that in C&C Tiberian Dawn, the GDI Mission 3 map of Latvia is missing.
Some of the missions don't have country names with them. SCG05WA and SCG05WB ought to labelled Germany. SCB07EA ought to be labelled Gabon. Some of the missions in C&C Red Alert 1 don't have mission names. The following are: SCG06EA, SCG06EB, SCG08EA, SCG08EB, SCG09EA, SCG09EB, SCG11EA, SCG11EB, SCU02EA, SCU02EB, SCU08EA, SCU08EB, SCU11EA, SCU11EB, SCU12EA, SCU13EA and SCU13EB. Hope my observation and information can help keep the map collection up to date.

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Re: C&C Maps
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2011, 05:26:54 am »
I'm aware of GDI Mission 3 missing. Unfortunately this mission was absent from data pack which i was exctracting all map files. If you have this file fell free to map it.

Map names was extracted from map files (that's why names are so cryptic - SCG06EA.ini). Map file is ordinary txt file with every unit and mission description in readable form. Some maps  had string <none> in name atributes. Again, if you have any additional info, feel free to add them.

Unfortunately I don't have original map files anymore so I can't look into it.