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Re: Nintendo Power - 1988-1996 cover games
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Forgot to note that the other day, Kirby: Super Star was completed, with the final couple maps thanks to G.E.R., and Tropicon having mapped the majority of the game earlier.  While Kirby: Super Star didn't get a Nintendo Power cover all to itself, Kirby does appear on Vol. 86 where the cover image is just a mash of characters from different games.  All other games already have their own cover, except PilotWings 64, which is not listed here because, you know, 3D.  Though, like anything else not mentioned here, I would still happily accept if there is a way to map it; we already do have some polygonal N64 games mapped here, after all.

This completes the last year I listed here, at least in terms of Super NES games.  I said that 1996 also has the N64 game Mortal Kombat Trilogy, though I don't know if mapping a 2D game from the N64 has any particular technical challenges.