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Yoshi's Island DS
« on: October 14, 2011, 08:38:49 am »
Someone recently emailed me to ask if I would be tackling this Artoon-developed sequel. Unless I run out of games to map, I won't be, which is why I'm passing the request on to you guys in case anyone here is looking for a project.

I've already looked into it, and it looks perfectly feasible. It uses regular tiles and sprites, so grabbing map data and graphics are easy. The screen buffers aren't terribly large, so some effort will be required to rip backgrounds, but no more than what you'd normally expect. Those of you who have played this game before know that the level design is devious, so it will pay to be thorough. Also, I hope you either have cheats or are really dedicated, as otherwise you'll have a doozy of a time getting 100s to unlock the Extra levels. With five worlds of 10 levels each, plus some minigames, this project will be quite a handful.

If you take on this project, I wish you luck.
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