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Star Wars: Identities
« on: February 16, 2013, 03:24:17 pm »
Here is my Star Wars identity.

Lucky us here in Edmonton; the Star Wars: Identities exhibit doesn't have many stops, at least not yet.  It was in Montreal, Quebec, and it's in its final weeks here in Edmonton, Alberta.  I haven't heard of any other city in North America confirmed yet, but I imagine it would be silly to not visit other places, like, hmm, maybe the United States.  (Guess you Americans don't always get everything first...)

Other than seeing original Star Wars props and costumes, you also learn about psychology.  Wearing a wristband that tracks your progress, you answer questions and make selections regarding your origins, influences, and choices to ultimately create a unique profile of your own Star Wars character.  The link above shows you mine.  You also see your character at the end of the exhibit on walls where you tap your wristband against a reader on the wall, and it's fun to compare with your friends.

The final image shows the results of my choices.   Admittedly mine is a little boring; you don't have to be a human and/or a fighter pilot, there are several alien races and seven occupations to choose from, as well as many other variables.  The person in the background on the lower right is my brother's profile, from a point in the exhibit where you touch your wristband to sensors at the same time as a friend.  Apparently you can have more than just one friend, so give that a try if you can.  Also, it was fun to run back to a previous station and change the variables, for example, choosing the Dark Side would have given me a red aura instead of blue.  (One of my friends rejected the Emperor's offer, scanned his wristband to show his character on the screen, then ran back to the previous area and joined the Dark Side, and touched his wristband again, and managed to snag a photo of both his Light and Dark Side characters side-by-side, before his first one faded away!)

If it comes to your city, or close enough for you to travel to, share your identity here!
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