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Sonic Spinball (Genesis)
« on: October 30, 2014, 09:57:33 pm »
Still pretty much on a major Sonic kick. I actually started mapping the first stage two and a half years ago, but quickly gave up because each map features several changing or rotating colour values which are hard to capture. That goes double for the first map where the whole palette changes four times as Sonic travels upward.

In any case, although the first two maps are essentially finished, I won't be submitting them officially right away. You see, these maps have been done using a prototype ROM with a handy Debug mode that allows you to move Sonic anywhere and although the maps are seemingly 99.99% identical to the finished ones, I doubt anyone's ever gone over them with a fine comb in order to spot every minute change (like, say, a partially corrupted background tile on the second map that's fine on the released game). It's a bit hard to capture the final maps while playing them so it might take me a bit longer to ensure that everything is accurate.

Stage 1: Toxic Caves

Stage 2: Lava Powerhouse
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