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Pitoid maps
« on: March 20, 2018, 03:09:31 pm »

I am new to this forum and I'd like to share 2 maps I've made from a Nestroid Metroid hack I did in the summer of 2000.
I hope I created this topic in the right forum area.

Is it possible to add those maps to your database? or hack database please? and how?

I have 2 maps: 1- Technical with walkthrough by numbers
                     2- Artistic map

This is a link on Romhacking where you can download Pitoid:
This is a link on Youtube where you can see ShyGuyExpress play Pitoid:
Maps temporary on Google:

(I must say that is such an honor) * NOTE and necessary hints: There was a flaw on his file in Norfair though / There is a tunnel you can access and I made it on purpose that it requires the Long Beam / The top secret passage on the surface can be accessed with difficulty by freezing a bug at the right place.

Thanks for reading and if you liked the Original Metroid, this one will be a long challenge because at the time and with the limited editor, I have used all of the space I could. Therefore, the repetition of rooms in early Brinstar was inevitable, but I thought it would bring a spirit of lost caverns before you found something.

Enjoy! (and please don't forget my question in green on top!)