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Seems like by chance I've been buying a lot of NES-related stuff recently (like NES box art magnets, NES reproduction boxes, a NES book) and supporting Kickstarter campaigns that are not for games but are certainly game-related, and so of course it's funny that here's another "opportunity" to spend more money, just the day after I get the first of this bunch of stuff, the NES magnets.  It's like I always have to have a constant queue of game-related stuff expected in the mail...

But definitely wanting to spread the word about this.  I previously supported their C64 and Amiga books of the same style.  Though I'd played on them the NES was definitely my thing growing up, so it's a no-brainer.  Definitely consider it, it's only the first day and already reached its initial funding goal, but if it hits all its stretch goals, it could have 160 more pages!
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