Author Topic: Fave Favourite Films per year - April 1980 to March 2021  (Read 8237 times)

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Fave Favourite Films per year - April 1980 to March 2021
« on: April 07, 2021, 02:36:48 pm »

2001-2021 (so far):

So with a lot more spare time on my hands lately, I decided to get caught up on some movies and compile a list that I meant to do last year.    I present: my fave five films for each year that I've been alive.

Within each year, the leftmost one is my favourite.

Obviously this differs from if I were to compile my favourite films ever, since many years had six or more good films, and some years I just barely met the quota of five.  I mean, Superman III?  Come on.  But I haven't seen much else from 1983.

I've only seen five films in 2021 so far, so... those are it by default.

I made the mistake of posting this on reddit's r/movies subreddit, where I was immediately bombarded with disappointment at the "mainstreamness" of my picks.  While I expected disagreement, I should have known better than to expect civility from the Internet, and reddit of all places, come on!  There were very few actual suggestions or legitimate "what about this movie?" comments as they'd rather just slam the picks that are suited for a "twleve-year-old".  I should have clarified these are generally "fun" movies; I can appreciate The Passion Of The Christ (2004) for what it is, but the brutality in it kind of makes it hard to just have on in the background, you know?  Like I said, if they wanted a list of five Academy Award Best Picture nominees, I'm sure that's already online.  These are my picks.  Anyone else can make their own, and we can scrutinize their picks, how about that?  I plan to update this now if any movie I watch makes it in my top five for the year - I certainly expect 2021 to change.

I actually welcome discussion, as that's the whole point of me sharing it, but come on, some people should try acting like they would in real life.  To be fair, at least some people respected the effort and presentation.

I guess the presentation, though simple, is kind of neat that by making the space between the columns exactly one-third of the width of the posters, they came out to be perfectly 16:9 images, which made me okay with splitting it into two instead of as one huge image as I originally planned.  The individual posters would have been too small to view anyway.  These images are reduced to 4K resolution, as the originals are too big.

Hope someone here likes it (even if my choices are a little "basic" or pedestrian).  And we can talk about these, just don't be a jerk about it.