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For this month's "Maps Of The Month" featurette, I wish to draw your attention to zagato blackfist's Skate Or Die 2: The Search For Double Trouble (NES) maps.

While sidewalk shredding, the local loco, Icepick, distracts you, causing you to run over the mayor's wife's poodle with your board.  The mayor bans skateboarding in the city of Elwood and, according to City Building Code 13.1689.04, Bylaw 86, Sub-Section 5A, your favourite halfpipe has been condemned as unsuitable for public usage.  To build a new ramp legally, you will have to make enough money to obtain a permit.  It doesn't help that Icepick is causing trouble for you and your friends!  Will you be able to build The Double Trouble Halfpipe?

The adventure consists of four levels with different missions.  First, you will get revenge on the mayor's wife (???), and then you will take a job making deliveries at a mall. You will recover Rodney's plans that have blown out the window and across the beach and, in the final level, you will recover the permit, rescue the kidnapped CJ, and defeat Icepick.  This non-linear adventure means that the maps by zagato blackfist will come in handy... you'll definitely want to know your way around that last level!  Every map, including the one for the ramp, has some tips, as well!  Very considerate!

So to recognize the effort put into mapping this skateboarding adventure, zagato blackfist's Skate Or Die 2: The Search For Double Trouble (NES) maps will be known as's Maps Of The Month for June 2024.
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A buddy of mine introduced me to this game in the summer of 1996. It's always a pleasure mapping games that I played a lot in my youth. I remember we used to think that store in the mall called "Kafka's Candies" sounds a lot like Kefka from Final Fantasy 6. We found it pretty funny that "Healthy Nutritious Food" had an out of business sign too.

The mall, in fact, might be the most important map in this set. This game does NOT give you a lot of time to find the next store you need to make a delivery to, and if you're not sure which direction will get you there first you might not make it in time.

I wish I had switched to BizHawk a little bit earlier. VirtuaNES is good for actually playing games but the colors are kind of washed out. Also, maybe I should have used bigger letters on the power plant's grid so it would be easier to read?

Thanks for the MotM feature! :)