Author Topic: Yes, ANNSMB is still being made. (Famicom)  (Read 9584 times)

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Yes, ANNSMB is still being made. (Famicom)
« on: March 02, 2007, 10:20:46 pm »
I am still working on All Night Nippon Super Mario Brothers, though since the game is almost as large as SMB2J, it will take a while to finish the work.  Also, coincidentially enough, I have been working simultaneously on SMB2J and Versus Super Mario Brothers as well, people.  (I am sorry if that upsets you, RyuMaster, but I seriously did not know that you were working on your own maps of SMB2J at the same time as I was working on my maps.  Hopefully, I can get permission from Jonathan to make my own maps available on the website since I have made around 20 maps of SMB2J and that I do not want all of that effort to go to waste on my computer.)

In the meantime, I plan on doing some more work on those three games and I hope that I can make a map of an even more obscure gem called Super Mario Brothers Special.  Now THAT game will be next to impossible to make, so if I can make that game into maps for each level, then that would be a miracle.

Seriously, RyuMaster, I did not know that you were working on SMB2J maps at the same time as me and I am sorry for making them if you feel like they are an infringement or a threat upon your work.


Jesse Long