Author Topic: I won this on eBay. Be jealous.  (Read 8239 times)

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I won this on eBay. Be jealous.
« on: December 04, 2007, 06:33:17 pm »
Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye

I alluded to this in the Christmas topic...

For a few months, I was trying to track down the "More Than Meets The Eye" guidebooks.  Essentially, they're a comprehensive guide to EVERY G1 Transformer.  Great artwork, and a profile for everybody, even the obscure characters at the end of the series that never showed up on the cartoon.  Unfortunately, these guidebooks were originally printed at about the time of Dreamwave Production's demise.

The individual eight issues in the original comic book run are hard to find, and each of the two books in the collected two-volume set (originally priced at $20 each) now sell on Amazon and Chapters (each, and used) for $200-$350 (or even more!) due to rarity!

Since the two volume set isn't divided into Autobots/Decepticons as I had hoped, it really doesn't matter much to me that I'm getting the eight-issue version instead of the two-book one.  Also, the seller said he read them once, but big deal, any other version I get is going to be used anyway.

So, $56 for what could have been $700?  And I get the similar books for Transformers: Armada on top of that?


Of course, TerraEsperZ already has these, I bet, so maybe I'm not really bragging to anybody...

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RE: I won this on eBay. Be jealous.
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2007, 06:54:00 pm »
Yep, I have the original individual issues. IDW, the new holder of the TF comic license, is currently doing a similar series but concerning their version of Beast Wars, but it feels as if the project had no editor at all. The writing isn't the problem, but the overall inferior art, coloring and page formatting, as well as the "interesting in theory but not really working in practice" idea of including both the american (Beast Wars) and japanese characters (Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo), especially when some have the same mold and colors but different personalities, and some have all that *and* even the same name.

Anyway, their Beast Wars comic is not that interesting to me. I much prefer their new take on G1, but I'll spare you my usual TF tirade...


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RE: I won this on eBay. Be jealous.
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2007, 05:09:27 pm »
I got them today!  A little surprised they delivered it on a Sunday, but I guess the Christmas crunch has mailpeople working whenever they can.

I've started on it...looks like I have enough reading material to last a while, and they're great for reference.

I remember discussing with my brother the other day about the Decepticon spy, Doubledealer, who has two Powermaster partners, one an Autobot and one a Decepticon.  The concern we had was whether or not the Autobot partner was aware that Doubledealer was a Decepticon.  Turns out, according to this, is that the Powermaster partners do not know each other, nor that Doubledealer is playing on both sides.  Cool, so I was mostly right.