Author Topic: Thanks to this site, I'm in a book  (Read 7651 times)

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Thanks to this site, I'm in a book
« on: October 07, 2007, 09:58:52 pm »
Back in January of this year, I got the following email:

Hello! My name is Wanda and I'm a photo researcher for Capstone Press, a small publishing company in Mankato, Minnesota. We publish children's educational nonfiction books for struggling readers. I'm working in a set of books called "Map Mania", which is geared to help introduce the concept of maps to young children.  At the end of each book we like to include an "Amazing but True" fact and we plan on having one of these be about "game" mapping. I found your image of the Blue Creek Apartment Building map (bottom image) on the "VGMaps" website, and was wondering if the image of the map might be available for us to use in our children's book. It wouldn't be a very large image, but it would work well with the text that talks about how you can even map a video game!

Well, I guess I'll start there and see what you think! I can work with a high resolution (300dpi) digital image, and you would get a photo credit in the book as well as a complimentary copy of the book for allowing us to use your image! :-)  Please let me know if you have any questions on my request, and thank you for your consideration!


Wanda Winch

Senior photo researcher

Capstone Press

(removed address just because)

So of course I was okay with that. And actually, they perfer my Super Mario Sunshine map (which is seen on GameFAQs) instead.

Two months ago, I finally got 5 copies of the books, which has my map in it and I'm credited. Now yeah they used a different map that I don't have on this site (I don't think atlesat), but it started with them finding a map here. So because of that, I want to thank this site and the creators for helping me get into this book. :)

Yeah I should have posted this months ago, but things came up and I got lazy :P


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RE: Thanks to this site, I'm in a book
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2007, 07:36:46 am »

But...Blue Creek Aprtment Building...wait, you mean from one of the Silent Hill games?  "Geared to help introduce the concept of maps to young children"?  WTF...  o_0

I was asked by Europe's Official Nintendo Magazine to use some of my Animal Crossing textures.  The very same day they asked, I received an issue of Nintendo Power (the one with Resident Evil 4 on the cover) and saw two Animal Crossing textures, suspiciously like mine, contributed by someone else.

I say "suspiciously like mine" because, well, they looked like mine, though they were sprite rips.  Still, the choice of background colour and gridlines tipped me off.  I was a little bit "grrr" at the time but it's not a big deal being a single sprite rip.  Had it been something bigger that was without-a-single-doubt mine, I would've been angry, though.

And I don't think the Official Nintendo Magazine ever did use my textures even though I had given them permission.  Oh well.