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Map Requests / Re: Map remake...
« on: March 25, 2011, 05:09:21 pm »
Sorry for criticizing your work :P i just took them randomly at the battletoads part, because that's what i was looking at, at that time. It's nothing personal ;)

Actually, there are many people using sprites and backgrounds for games, you might already know the site YoYo Games where everyone can make any kind of game with an application called Game Maker, see it for yourself how many maps are used there from games like megaman, mario, sonic, etc.

I know it's harder, but that's the problem with everything, the more complex, the harder.
wow, thanks for the backgrounds, those look great.
I think this solves most of my problem, there are the moving volcanos and stuff like that, but oh well, i can do the little work. Thanks
btw, i don't think a map needs to be tiled in chunks either, that's harder to put together, it's easier when you just copy paste parts in other parts and see if they fit.

Map Requests / Map remake...
« on: March 25, 2011, 04:33:52 am »
Hi everyone,
I really love the maps you did, all these great treasures, but there's one little problem i cant really understand :(

Why putting layers together in a map? These maps would be more useful if the layers would be separate and the one using it would put them together, for the following reasons:
-The maps can't be animated, normalle you would set up the front layer and bg layer to move separately to make it look nice, but that can't be done when layers are put together. It's easier to put them together then separating them
-When you make a map, sometimes you want to modify them, to make it somehow unique, but that's almost impossible when you have the layers in one.
-Skipping through backgrounds and foregrounds, what about floing water, volcano, what could you do about those?

It's nice to look at them and bring back memories when you were walking on those familiar terrains, but i don't think that should be the main reason of a bg, i think the main reason should be to help developers make things with them, for ex. Games, Animations, etc. But that's impossible when you have everything put together :(

See the following examples:


See how everything's separate in the good ones? and there are no enemies inside, those can be put in from spritesheets and you can get the complete image

I posted this in the request section because i would really need some backgrounds if possible, they are already made, but i can't use them :(
These ones are: is alright, but i would really need the bg fg layers)

I cant use them, because i would like to make some modifications to the maps and would like to add slowly moving bg.

I would be very grateful if anyone would be willing to make them.
Thanks in advance

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