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Maps Of The Month / Re: 2017/11: Chip's Challenge (PC) - Peardian
« on: November 17, 2017, 12:03:51 pm »
I recall Peardian saying somewhere or somewhen about the nostalgia behind this game being the reason for using phenq it being mapped.  Not every game featured for the Maps Of The Month have to be the best-looking game ever made.  And in my research it seems this game did have a fair following, it isn't just Peardian who likes it.

Personally, I'm a fan of a game from Everett Kaser Software called Hero's Heart, which is a very similar type of top-down puzzle game.  There is an enhanced version called Hero's Heart Gold (sounds like Pok√©mon) though,  be remembering incorrectly and it may just be called Hero Gold.  (Just did some Googling (quite limiting at work, especially looking up anything about games) and it seems there was a 1998 sequel to Hero's Heart called Hero Defiant.  Hmmm.)

I was a teen when this game was released for PCs (in the 90s) but could never complete the 149 levels to enter the Bit Buster Club. But I loved playing this game and sometimes even ignored my studies for it. The mention of Chip's Challenge reminded me of my good ol' golden days

This, certainly, is the map of the month. :)

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