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Maps In Progress / Shadowrun (SNES)
« on: September 20, 2012, 08:08:21 am »
Hi, first post and all. Just wanted to point out I'm hard at work mapping out the SNES version of Shadowrun. "First dibs" and all, if things go well.

Here are two samples, the first being the Tenth Street plaza, and the second being the Oldtown portion near the monorail, right outside the Caryards.

So far I have both areas, Tenth Street and Oldtown, complete. Just started work on Daley station. I shudder to think of when I get to the corp towers :'( In any case, I'd also like to know users' opinion on something. I'm having trouble coming up with a unified presentation method, as in: what should be shown? Since it's my first map I decided to play it straight. But then I began noticing and maintaining some details. For instance, the Morgue map I made has one refrigerator door open and the other closed to show how both sprites operate (I also left the body drawer open). Then in the Caryards arena, I left one of the ghouls behind bars in the map. Is this allowed or should I just focus on the basic state of all objects/maps?

Also, I'm thinking of filling in the gaps where applicable. Notice both images above. It's safe to assume some building sprites are repeated, though they're outside players' field of vision.

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