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Hello, I see this forum is not very active but don't hesitate to answer later anyway, I'll check it at least twice a year:
So I watched NES Atlas on youtube (he takes a TAS and make it zoomed out with maps of this site) about Legacy of the Wizard, and at 2:47 I saw a big evil face that you probably don't realize is here while playing the actual game, not zoomed out, or at least you can't see it entirely, do you know other things like that ? So far here is what I found too:
- sonic wing fortress zone somewhat actually looks like a real big plane (it may sounds normal but for instance the wrecked ship in super metroid doesn't look like a ship at all)
- similarly, equinox (solstice 2) boat level surprinsingly actually looks like a 2 levels boat, there is no map of this game on vgmaps, I saw it on another site in 2007 (with only room shapes drawn)
- snake rattle & roll is a single mountain splitted into levels
- at some point in world of warcraft, an area unavailable for players had written really big "nothing to see here move along", written by hand.

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